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4 Cavity Silicone Soap Molds (Cyan Color)
4 Cavity Silicone Soap Molds (Cyan Color)
4 Cavity Silicone Soap Molds (Cyan Color)
4 Cavity Silicone Soap Molds (Cyan Color)

4 Cavity Silicone Soap Molds (Cyan Color)

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4 Cavity Silicone Soap Mold - Cyan Color

The 4 in 1 cyan silicone soap molds has four cavities in the shapes of a circle, square, oval, and heart. The capacity per cavity is 100 grams, which means that each soap bar weighs 10 grams. Using this 4 in 1 silicone mold, you can make your own scrub, lotion bars, body massage bars, plaster decorations, resin, candle, bath items, and so on. Using these silicone molds, you may utilize your own imagination to make handcrafted soaps. This four-in-one cyan silicone soap mold is composed of high-quality silicone. It is reusable, flexible, and long-lasting, making it a perfect choice for soap molds. The soap mold's slippery coating helps in the easy demolding of the soaps. It is also temperature safe from which means you can use it in Microwave, Oven, Refrigerator, Freezer, and Dishwasher Safe.

Cyan Silicone Soap Molds Uses & Benefits

High Quality Soap Mold

High Quality Soap Mold

A premium-quality Cyan Soap Mold is available from VedaOils, and it is composed of high-quality silicone. When it comes to setting soaps, it has a flawless finish and is both durable and flexible.
4-in-One Mold

4-in-One Mold

It's a four-in-one multi-purpose soap mold that can be used to make circular, square, circular, heart-shaped and oval soaps at the same time. It is cost-effective because you may buy our 4-in-1 Cyan Soap Mold instead of four distinct soap molds.
Temperature Resistant

Temperature Resistant

The cyan soap type has heat resistance up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit (230 degrees Celsius). Our 100% food grade silicone can be used in microwave ovens, dishwashers, freezers, ovens, or other electrical devices without risk or problems.
Multiple Uses

Multiple Uses

Multipurpose soap type, ideal for candle making, baking, skin care and bath use. Use cyan soap molds to create candles, massage bars, resins, sugar scrubs and other DIY products.
Durable & Flexible

Durable & Flexible

Made of high quality silicone material, the cyan soap mold makes it easy to put in and take out soap. After use, you can easily clean the tasteless soap-type base in the dishwasher and use it many times to make soap.
Easy to Clean & Reusable

Easy to Clean & Reusable

Cyan soap mold is made of a non-toxic material that does not react with the ingredients of the soap. Thanks to the non-stick coating, the soap can be squeezed out cleanly after it hardens.

Product Specifications

Product Name:4 in 1 Silicone Soap Molds (Cyan Color)
Item Dimensions LxWxH:16 x 3 x 17 Cm
Item Weight:100 gm
Soap Weight:120-140 gm
Shape:Circle, Square, Oval, Heart
Packaging Type:As Per Requirement

Buy 4 Cavity Silicone Soap Mold at Wholesale Price

VedaOils is a renowned supplier and wholesaler of Silicone Soap Molds and soap-making equipment in the USA. We provide a high-quality Silicone Soap Mold that makes soap-making simple. Using the Soap Making Mold, you can make elegant and high-quality soap bars, and other DIY items.  
Purchase a non-toxic and non-stick 4 in 1 Silicone Soap Mold with a high heat resistance capacity. Easy to clean, flexible, and reusable mold useful for producing a large number of high-quality soaps. The multipurpose ultra-soft soap mold allows you to create four different shaped luxury soap bars at the same time. We guarantee quick shipping and standard packing for soap molds. This soap mold is appropriate for personal and commercial use and is available in bulk quantities at reasonable prices.

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