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Flower Waters: 100% Pure and Natural Hydrosols

Flower Water or Floral Water is the condensed or residual water that remains after distilling an essential oil. This water is commonly referred to as hydrolase or hydrosol. Flower water possesses properties that are comparable to those of their Essential Oils. It also holds a strong fragrance and therapeutic powers of the essential oils from which it is obtained.  Floral Waters are so famous and adaptable that they can be used as a deodorant, face spritzer, body sprays, air fresheners, cooling agents, and even in saunas and spas!

VedaOils provides a diverse selection of Premium Quality Floral, i.e Hydrosol Water online. Floral water has several therapeutic properties and can be used to treat a variety of skin ailments. You can also use them to make your own cosmetics and soaps. We are one of the significant flower water providers because we offer a wide range of Floral Waters such as Rose Water, Tea Tree Hydrosol Water, Jasmine Hydrosol Water, Lavender Hydrosol Water, etc. In addition, floral water can be used as a toner and it can also be easily blended with other natural substances for skincare, haircare, and body care.

VedaOils focuses on preserving the integrity of every product and is committed to offering safe and skin-friendly goods. As a result, you don't have to be concerned about their efficacy or safety. Buy organic flower water in bulk today and discover a world full of possibilities for your skin and hair.

Best Range of Floral Water at VedaOils

Give your self-care regimen a boost with VedaOils Floral Water, which refreshes and renews your skin and hair. Check out the extensive range of VedaOils Hydrosols to incorporate into your health routine:

  • Sandalwood Hydrosol: This Hydrosol is used as an active component in a wide variety of other skincare products. It has a very tranquil and soothing aroma and is well-known as a wonderful component for achieving mental serenity.
  • Chamomile Hydrosol: This hydrosol is made from fresh chamomile flowers. They have gentle therapeutic and cleaning qualities and are suitable for all skin types. Its aroma also helps in calming anxiety. 
  • Rose Water: It is made from fresh rose petals and water. This floral water is a key element in a variety of cosmetic treatments. Furthermore, pure rose water can also be used directly on your face to improve its complexion.
  • Patchouli Hydrosol: Patchouli flower water is derived from the patchouli shrub's leaves. It is rich in antibacterial and therapeutic properties which makes it an essential ingredient in skincare and beauty products. 
  • Neroli Hydrosol: The aroma of Neroli Flower Water is invigorating and uplifting, which leaves a profound and stimulating influence on your mind. It is high in antioxidants and is used to treat a variety of skin disorders.
  • Jasmine Hydrosol: Jasmine Hydrosol is extracted from the gorgeous white blooms of the Jasmine plant. It has calming and astringent effects, which are used to make effective skincare products.

Benefits and Uses of Organic Hydrosols

VedaOils Floral Waters are believed to improve your overall health and well-being since they include a variety of nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Let's take a look at some of the benefits and applications of floral water: 

  • Hydrosol in Skincare Products: Toner, creams, face mist, lotions, moisturizers, makeup setting spray, and many other skincare products use hydrosol as they are enriched with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that benefit the skin health.  
  • Floral Water in Haircare Products: The conditioning and nourishing properties of floral water is quite beneficial for hair growth and strengthening. Products like hair tonics, shampoo, conditioners, and hair creams use this flower water. 
  • Perfumes and Mists: Distilling hydrosols have a unique aroma that can capture your attention and make you feel refreshed. As a result, you may use them to create fragrances, body mists, deodorants, and even linen sprays.
  • Flower Water in Soap Making: Organic Hydrosols are used to make homemade soaps because of their inherent cleaning characteristics. These flower waters also give these soaps a wonderful scent. They are also ideal for making liquid soaps, detergents, and body washes.
  • Anti-aging Properties: Some of the most potent flower waters for the face also have anti-aging qualities. As a result, you can utilize them to restore your skin's youthfulness and suppleness.
  • Calms Anxiety: Some flower water’s refreshing and energizing scent makes the area lively, energetic, and peaceful. Spraying just a tiny amount of these hydrosols around you can aid with anxiety, sadness, and stress relief.

Order Floral Water at Wholesale Prices

VedaOils is the leading Hydrosol Water manufacturer in the USA since we offer a diverse selection of Floral Waters at Wholesale that are not readily available anywhere else. It provides the best quality Hydrosol water online to quench your skin and hair's need. Order Flower Water for face, hair, and dry skin from us today and treat your skin and hair with a nourishing treat.

Our strict packing standards and effective logistics network ensure that only high-quality items arrive at your door each and every time. We don't use any preservatives or harmful chemicals while making them. As a result, they are pure, unadulterated, and entirely natural. So grab our naturally safe and flowery water today and explore what nature has to offer!

Floral Water is now available in bulk quantities at the VedaOils website. So, You can place an order based on commercial as well as personal use since we offer different quantities packages. In addition, VedaOils provides international shipping to all of our goods because we have collaborated with efficient logistics partners such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL, ensuring that only high-quality items arrive at your door on time.

Floral Water - FAQ

Q: How long does floral water last?

Ans: The shelf life on floral water is 6-18 months when it is refrigerated or kept at an appropriate temperature.

Q: Can you use floral water as a toner?

Ans: Yes, floral water like rose water, lavender hydrosol, jasmine hydrosol, etc as a toner, Since they are made from all-natural flowers.

Q: Can you drink floral water?

Ans: No, floral water is not safe for drinking as they are not food-grade.

Q: How do you mix floral water?

Ans: You can blend two or more floral water together to make a new combination by taking equal or different quantities of floral water and then mixing them together in an air-tight glass bottle.

Q: Can you add hydrosol to oil?

Ans: Yes, you can add hydrosol to essential oil as well as a carrier oil to make it even more enriched with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.