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10 Essential Oils Sample Kit- 0.3 Floz Each

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Essential Oils Sample Kit

An Essential Oil Sample Kit typically includes small vials or bottles of different essential oils, allowing users to explore and experience a variety of scents. Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that capture the aromatic compounds of various plants, and they are commonly used in aromatherapy, skincare, and other holistic practices. Here's what you might expect from an Essential Oil Sample Kit: Essential oils in sample kits are typically provided in smaller quantities. These sizes are perfect for testing the aromas and determining your preferences without committing to a larger bottle.

Premium Essential Oil Sample Kit includes a set of 10 Premium Essential Oils ( 0.3 Floz ) with a divine aroma. Essential Oils nourish, calm, relaxes mind and senses are packed with therapeutic and healing benefits. They can easily use them as a Massage Oil & In Diffusers to get calming, soothing, invigorating stress-relieving fragrance.

Essential Oil Sample Kit Includes Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Tea Tree, Orange, Rosemary, Rose, Jasmine, Lavender, Peppermint, and lemon Oil offers Captivating Aroma And Exceptional Therapeutic Properties. Essential oil sample kits can be an excellent way to experiment with creating your own blends. They allow you to mix different scents to achieve a combination that suits your preferences.

Our Sample kits are often more budget-friendly than purchasing individual large bottles of essential oils. This affordability allows users to experiment without a significant financial commitment.

Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

Skincare & Haircare

Skincare & Haircare

Essential Oils Sample Set, topically good for Skin care & Hair care. These oils act as a perfect base for face packs, hair masks, and face creams and serums. Make them a part of your skincare and hair care regime. 



Packed with medicinal and therapeutic values essential oils are a perfect companion for your aromatherapy sessions. They can be inhaled for both their invigorating scent and therapeutic aromas.

Diffuser Blends

Diffuser Blends

Use Essential Oils in Diffuser blends to get Fresh fragrance Floral, Nature that can effectively refresh your mood. It also refreshes your mind, soothes your senses, and provides relief from fatigue and restlessness.

Mood Booster

Mood Booster

Premium Sample Kit Box infused with natural aromas and scents to uplift the mood and senses. They instantly infuse relaxation and calmness whether inhaled or applied topically on the skin. 

Distinct Fragrances

Distinct Fragrances

Captivating aroma of Lavender, Tea Tree & Rosemary Oil helps calm and soothe your body and soul with therapeutic grade properties. All of these have distinct aromas which make them stand apart.

Perfect Gift

Perfect Gift

VedaOils Sample Kit Box come in a handy and attractive package make a perfect gift for your loved ones. Celebrate special occasions with a worthy gift that makes sense and adds utility to the gift.

Product Specifications

Product Name:Essential Oils Sample Kit
Oils NameSandalwood, Cinnamon, Tea Tree, Orange, Rosemary, Rose, Jasmine, Lavender, Peppermint, and lemon Oil
Total Units :10
Quantity:10 * 10 Ml

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