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Bath Bomb Mould
Bath Bomb Mould
Bath Bomb Mould
Bath Bomb Mould
Bath Bomb Mould

Bath Bomb Mould

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Bath Bomb Mould

Stainless steel bath bomb mould would craft perfect round bath bombs. It makes bath bomb crafting easy and fun with these strong and smooth bath bomb moulds from VedaOils. It transforms your bath time into a luxurious spa experience filled with aromas and the benefits of essential oils. It is the ultimate escape to a relaxing bath and a must-have for the bath enthusiast.


How to Use: It is quite simple to use a bath bomb mould, place the mixture tightly into each half of the mould. Make sure both sides are overflowing as it helps in binding the bath bomb together. Press both halves of the mould together firmly. Let the bath bomb mould sit for an hour and gently tap the mould with a spoon to release the mould. Now, let the bath bomb dry and harden before use.

Bath Bomb Mould Uses & Benefits

Home Crafting

Home Crafting

Bath bomb moulds are commonly used at home by DIY enthusiasts to create custom bath bombs. They allow individuals to experiment with different scents, colors, and additives to create personalized bath products.
Gift Making

Gift Making

Bath bomb moulds are ideal for creating handmade gifts. Whether for holidays, birthdays, or special occasions, homemade bath bombs packaged in attractive moulded shapes make thoughtful and personalized gifts.
Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Moulds simplify the bath bomb-making process by providing a structured form that holds the mixture together until it hardens. This makes it easier to handle and reduces mess.
Professional Finish

Professional Finish

Using moulds can give your bath bombs a polished and finished look, which is particularly important if you're selling them or giving them as gifts.


Quality bath bomb moulds are typically made from materials like stainless steal, which are durable and reusable. This durability ensures that you can make multiple batches of bath bombs without needing to replace the moulds frequently.
Consistent Shape & Size

Consistent Shape & Size

Bath bomb moulds ensure that each bath bomb you make is uniform in shape and size, creating a professional and appealing product.

Product Specifications

Product Name:Bath Bomb Mould
Diameter:2 Inch
Material:Stainless Steal
1 Mold Weight:20 Grams
Country of Origin:India
Quantity Per Pack:1 Unit
Suitable for:Bath Bomb

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