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Jamun Seed Powder
Jamun Seed Powder Online
Jamun Seed Powder Benefits
Jamun Seed Powder Uses
Certified Jamun Seed Powder

Blackberry Powder

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Blackberry Seed Powder

Jamun Powder is made from the dried seeds of the Jamun, which is also known as Black Plum in the west. Blackberry Powder is used in different skin care applications as it is rich in antioxidants that protect your skin from environmental damage. In addition, Jamun powder possesses antibacterial properties which help to cure acne.

You can mix it with milk to make a face pack that will keep acne, blackheads, pimples, and other skin issues at bay. Blackberry Seed Powder is used for making several beauty care products, and even the bark and leaves of Blackberry are used for their medicinal properties. In addition, you can combine it with other natural ingredients like honey for skincare purposes.

Blackberry Seed Powder is available in fine powdered form and consists of light brown color. It has a strong odor with mildly bitter and herbal notes. Face masks, face scrubs, creams, ointments, anti-aging products, etc., can contain this powder. Blackberry Powder is an ayurvedic medicine for overall wellness, and It can also be used in several hair care formulations.

Blackberry Powder contain alkaloids, chemicals that prevent starch into sugar and are useful to control sugar levels effectively. In addition, it is a rich source of Vitamin C, contains iron and potassium in noticeable proportions, and is completely suitable for regular use. No chemicals or preservatives are added while manufacturing this herbal powder. Moreover, it proves to be compatible with all skin types and is also used for making soaps on a wide scale.

Blackberry Seed Powder Uses

Face Scrub

Face Scrub

Strong antioxidants present in Blackberry fruit seed powder help get rid of the dead skin cells and eliminate the toxins like dust, dirt, oil, etc., from your skin to give you a clear and healthy complexion. Makers of face scrubs, body scrubs, and skin cleansers will find these properties of this powder useful.
Dark Spot Remover

Dark Spot Remover

Our natural Blackberry powder is widely incorporated in dark spot and blemish removing creams. The high content of vitamin C helps to treat scars and blemishes effectively. As a result, your face becomes spotless after using the skincare products that contain this powder.


Blackberry fruit powder maintains the health of your hair makes it an ideal component in shampoos. It also makes your hair shiny, and the antioxidants protect your hair from pollutants and sun damage. Shampoos that contain this Powder as a key ingredient also improve the health and condition of your scalp.
Anti-Dandruff Solutions

Anti-Dandruff Solutions

Black Blackberry powder cleanses your scalp deeply, and its antimicrobial and bactericidal properties eliminate the bacteria responsible for the formation of dandruff. Using this Powder in hair care solutions strengthens your hair, promotes hair growth naturally, and prevents foul odor from scalp and hair strands.
Acne Prevention Creams

Acne Prevention Creams

Creams and lotions contain the best Blackberry seed powder as a vital component as it has antibacterial properties that kill the bacteria that cause acne. Face packs made from this Powder also work against pimples and blackheads effectively. They also prevent acne by purifying blood and detoxifying skin.


Along with antiviral and bactericidal properties, jambhul beej powder also exhibits disinfectant properties that make it a good ingredient in disinfectant creams and lotions. It also contains oxalic acid, tannins, malic acid, and betulinic acid that help you to fight against common infections.

Blackberry Seed Powder Benefits

Support Bone Health

Support Bone Health

Rich magnesium, potassium, and sodium content in organic Blackberry seed powder supports bone health. These nutrients also prove to be healthy for your teeth. Therefore, you can incorporate this powder in body massages and lotions to make your bones healthy, and it might help prevent joint pain as well.
Relief from Spasms

Relief from Spasms

Topical application of organic Jamun Powder can provide relief from muscle spasms. It may also prove to be effective against muscle stiffness and sprain. Therefore, you may find it in some ointments and pain-relieving lotions. Its healing ability also proves to be helpful against skin rashes and redness.
Relief from Breathlessness

Relief from Breathlessness

Expectorant properties of our best Jamun powder make it effective against breathlessness. It may also prove useful against asthma as it balances the doshas like Kapha and Vata that are associated with it. For that, you massage a paste of this powder on your lungs, neck, and nose externally.
Increase Libido

Increase Libido

Incorporating Blackberry seed powder in massages and aromatherapy enhances libido and increases sexual desire. Therefore, couples with issues in their sexual life can add natural Blackberry Powder in their lifestyle and habits. It may also prove to be helpful against erectile dysfunction as it improves stamina naturally.
Relief from Stomach Ache

Relief from Stomach Ache

Digestive and carminative properties of jambu beej powder enable you to use it for indigestion, stomach ache, and other digestion-related problems. Women suffering from menstrual pain may also use it to get relief from pain and other symptoms. It also provides relief from flatulence and dysentery.
Improve Hair Growth

Improve Hair Growth

Jamun Powder boosts hair growth and proves to be effective against hair fall as it strengthens your hair follicles. It also cleanses your scalp and boosts hair growth by controlling the bacteria responsible for hair fall and other issues. You may incorporate it in your shampoos and conditioners for receiving these benefits.

Product Specifications

INCI Name:Syzygium Cumini Powder (Java Plum)
Raw Material Source:Blackberry Seed
Manufacturing Process:Seeds of Blackberry are dried and then crushed into a fine powder to obtain the final product.
Tested On Animals?:No
GMO:GMO-free but not certified for it.
Vegan:Vegans can use it because it does not contain any animal-derived components.
Shelf Life:2 years

CAUTION: Jamun powder is also used for treating diseases like diabetes, this powder is formulated only for external use. As a result, do not use it for internal consumption.

Packaging Sizes

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