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Lip Gloss Kit
Lip Gloss Kit
Lip Gloss Kit
Lip Gloss Kit
Lip Gloss Kit
Lip Gloss Kit
Lip Gloss Kit

Lip Gloss Kit

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Lip Gloss Kit

Now you can create your own entirely personalized collection of stylish, hygienic, and super duper moisturizing lip glosses in the comfort of your own home using VedaOils Lip Gloss Kit! VedaOils Lip Gloss Kit allows you to make your high-quality lip gloss. It comes with all the essential ingredients like lip gloss base, flavor oils, Vitamin E Oil, glitter powders, mica colorants, empty Lip Gloss Stick, and safety equipment.


VedaOils Lip Gloss Kit Includes a Lip Gloss Gel base that gives a great lip-softening moisture barrier and many pigment powder options, each of which produces a distinct finish and can be blended with different colors. This kit also contains Vitamin E Oil, nourishing and moisturizing your lips.


DIY Lip Gloss Creation Kit contains only cosmetic-grade components that are safe to use on your skin and lips. This set's contents are non-toxic, irritant-free, and allergen-free, making it suitable for use on the lips. The lip gloss components are also vegan and gluten-free in their formulation. We are sure your lips will be much more plumper and softer after using lip gloss made from this DIY set.


With this DIY kit, you have complete control over the texture and feel of your finished product. As it is, we have built this package for everyone, whether they are beginners or professionals. In addition, you can gift it to your mother, sister, wife, friend, etc. since it will make an amazing gifting item. The VedaOils Lip Gloss Kit is ideal for hobbyists, DIYers, gifters, and even small business owners!


How to Use: You can use this DIY Lip Gloss on your lip as it is as a lip balm, and you can even top off your lipstick with this DIY lip gloss to add a natural shine to your lips.

Lip Gloss Kit Ingredients

Lip Gloss Base

Lip Gloss Base

Lip Gloss Base is the ideal blank canvas for makeup artists. Used to produce smooth and hydrating lip gloss with a non-tacky and luxurious feel. This base is transparent, so it gels beautifully with other ingredients.
Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E oil contains humectant and emollient characteristics, which helps moisturize the lips and strengthen the skin barrier. It also aids in the removal of dead skin cells, making the skin appear plumper, fuller, more kissable.
Shimmer & Liquid Mica Color

Shimmer & Liquid Mica Color

To add natural color and shimmer to your lip gloss, use Shimmer specs and Mica Colorants. We provide Pink, White, Chocolate, and Red color in this DIY lip gloss kit so that you can make shiny lip glosses of any color you like.
Lip Gloss Flavour Oils

Lip Gloss Flavour Oils

Add a sweet, classic, juicy stunning & refreshing flavor to your lip gloss. Use Natural & Skin-friendly super strength flavour oil like Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate & Raspberry flavor. These flavor oils add a unique twist to DIY lip gloss.
Tools & Equipment

Tools & Equipment

VedaOils DIY Lip gloss kit includes equipment and tools such as a Spatula, Beaker & Hand Gloves to ensure that your lip gloss is prepared safely and hygienically. Our tools will assist in avoiding the mess that occurs throughout the Lip gloss creation procedure.
Lip Gloss Sticks

Lip Gloss Sticks

Our Lip gloss-making Kit contains high quality lip gloss container to safely store the lip base to increase shelf life. These Gloss Holder is transparent and handy, so you can easily decorate it with labels and stickers as per your preference.

DIY Lip Gloss Making Kits - Recipe Steps

Mix Base With Colors & Shimmer

Mix Base With Colors & Shimmer

Take 25 Gm Lip Gloss Base & add 1-2 drop of Liquid Lip Safe Colour ( Chocolate, Pink, Red ) of your choice, and a pinch of shimmer in a beaker. Blend the mixture well so that the shimmer speckles and color are mixed well with the base.
Add Flavour Oil & Vitamin E Oil

Add Flavour Oil & Vitamin E Oil

Add Flavor Oil ( Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate & Watermelon ) of Your Choice & Vitamin E oil into the bowl and mix it thoroughly using a spatula or a stirring stick. If you find the consistency of the lip gloss a little thick, you can add in some more Vitamin E Oil.
Store Lip Gloss

Store Lip Gloss

Use a 10 Ml Syringe to transfer the lip gloss into the container. Ensure you do not fill the lip gloss storage stick to the top edge. Now your lip gloss is completely ready to use!

Product Specifications

Product Name:Lip Gloss Kit
Lip Gloss Container:5 Units
Lip Gloss Base:50 Gm
Silver Shimmer:2 Gm
Red Lip Safe Color:2 Ml
Pink Safe Color:2 Ml
Choclate Lip Safe Color:2 Ml
Vitamin E Oil:10 Ml Each
Strawberry Flavor Oil:10 Ml Each
Vanilla Flavor Oil:10 Ml Each
Chocolate Flavor Oil:10 Ml Each
Watermelon Flavor Oil:10 Ml Each
10 Ml Syringe:1 Unit
Beaker:1 Unit
Hand Gloves:1 Pair
Spatula:1 Unit
Wooden Spoon:1 Unit

Buy DIY Lip Gloss Making Kit

Unleash your creativity and imagination while making various Lip Gloss using VedaOils DIY Lip Gloss Making Kit. This amazing DIY Lip Gloss Starter Set contains all the essential ingredients used to make lip gloss at home. The ingredients used in this kit are 100% safe and skin-friendly, so they help to make lips super supple, shiny, and kissable.


VedaOils Lip Gloss Starter Kit is 100% cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan, making it even better for the lips. You can Buy Lip gloss Making Kit Online at the most reasonable price in India through Vedaoils online shopping portal. We usually run unlimited discounts and offers on our website, making our products pocket-friendly.


While packing the best quality of our Lip Gloss Making Kit, we ensure all standard packaging and quality control processes are followed. We vacuum seal all product packages so that they arrive securely at your door. We ship our items all around the world with the help of logistics partners such as DHL, FedEx BlueDart, India Post, and others.

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