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Pearly Shampoo Base Concentrate

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Pearly Shampoo Base Concentrate

Pearly Shampoo Base Concentrate doesn't have any odor and it is highly moisturized.

  • It is a premium grade shampoo base concentrate that can be used for making shampoos of high-quality.
  • Properties – It is a pearly white concentrate that is opaque and odorless. Moreover, some hair other ingredients are also added for enhancing its hair conditioning properties.
  • Foaming – This shampoo base foams easily as it comprises of foaming agents as well.
  • Procedure – Take water in the desired quantity as per the required consistency or thickness. After that, add herbs to the water and mix it with the base concentrate. Now, add fragrance or essential oils and your shampoo will be ready to use.
  • Vegans – It does not contain animal-derived components. Therefore, even vegans can use shampoos made from this shampoo base concentrate.

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