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Pineapple Liquid Extract
Pineapple Liquid Extract
Pineapple Liquid Extract
Pineapple Liquid Extract Benefits
Pineapple Liquid Extract Uses
Certified Pineapple Liquid Extract

Pineapple Liquid Extract

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Pineapple Liquid Extract

With their origin in South America, pineapples were named after their pinecone shape and became popular as a healthy tropical fruit. Packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and many natural compounds and enzymes, Pineapple Fruit Extract has therapeutic and medicinal properties that help to heal many diseases.

VedaOils Pineapple Liquid Extract is obtained from the pulp of fresh pineapples through scientific extraction and is high in nutrients and low in calories. Pure Liquid Extract is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, phosphorus, zinc, and calcium. As pineapples are loaded with natural antioxidants like flavonoids and phenolic acids they help the body to reduce oxidative stress naturally. Too much oxidative stress stimulates free radicals that damage body cells causing inflammation and a lot of many diseases by weakening the immune system.

A special enzyme in Pineapple called Bromelain aids in skin peeling. Organic Pineapple Liquid Extract acts as a natural skin exfoliation and boosts collagen production by removing the dead skin cells. This in turn makes the skin look fresh and rejuvenated giving it a glowing look. Besides this Vitamin C and Vitamin B present in pineapples act as natural moisturizers keeping the skin smooth and soft. The Bromelain in Pineapples has high anti-inflammatory properties that reduce joint pains and the chances of developing arthritis. The presence of manganese aids in bone development and strengthening of teeth.

Pineapple Liquid Extract Benefits

Eases Digestion

Eases Digestion

Pineapple is naturally rich in dietary fiber, bromelain, and Vitamin C all of which help in easy digestion. Bromelain breaks down proteins into amino acids and peptides that are more easily absorbed by the small intestines. This enzyme is especially useful for those suffering from pancreatic insufficiency.
Reduce Inflammation

Reduce Inflammation

The presence of bromelain in pineapple is significant in reducing oxidative stress and inflammation, both of which are the major sources of cancer. In many cases, Natural Pineapple Liquid Extract may lead to the death of unhealthy cells and promote white cell blood function.
Benefits for the Skin

Benefits for the Skin

Pineapple liquid extract rejuvenates the skin making it look healthy, fresh, and clean. Loaded with Vitamin C it helps to treat acne, sunburns, and uneven skin tone. Keeping the skin hydrated, makes it look young and healthier. Pineapple Extract Liquid also reduces pimples and acne by eliminating toxins from the skin and making it look clean and fresh.
Promotes Hair Growth

Promotes Hair Growth

Loaded with the benefits of Vitamin C, pineapple liquid extract is highly beneficial for your skin making it look healthier, shinier, and softer. VedaOils best pineapple liquid extract promotes hair growth and makes them strong preventing hair falls, improving the thickness and elasticity of your hair.
Natural Energizer

Natural Energizer

Containing Valine and Leucine-two substances that promote the growth and repair of muscle tissues, VedaOils pure pineapple extract liquid is naturally designed to overcome fatigue and strengthen your stamina. With a high water content, it keeps you hydrated for a long time, increasing your stamina level and helping you cope with everyday stress.
Prevents Hypertension

Prevents Hypertension

Pineapples have high amounts of potassium and low levels of sodium that maintain blood pressure, reduce stress and soothe your nerves. The serotonin compound in pineapples acts as a natural stress buster reducing anxiety and keeping you calm and under control.

How to Use Pineapple Liquid Extract?

Add to water-based products. Recommended dosage includes 1-5% in formulations. Shake well before using.

Product Specifications

Product Name:Pineapple Liquid Extract
Brand Name:Vedaoils
INCI Name:Ananas Comosus
CAS No:68917-26-0
Raw Material Source:Pulp of the pineapple fruit
Water Soluble:Alcohol Free Solvent Extracted using Vegetable palm glycerin or Vegetable Glycerol.
Oil Soluble:Soy Oil Used to Extract Solvent
Preservative Note:BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene)
Strength of Extact:4:1 ( Herb: Extract Ratio) Means 4 Kg of Herbs Yield 1 Kg of Extract.
Recommended Usage:1-2% in formulations
Physical Appearance:Liquid
Odor & Taste:Tasteless & No Odor
Application:Soap Making, Shampoo, Cosmetics, Lotions, Creams, Face Wash, Serum Making & Diy Personal Care For Face, Hair, Skin & Body
Shelf Life:2 Years
Storage:Store in a Cool Dry Place.
Packaging:As per requirement
COA:COA of Pineapple Liquid Extract Blend
MSDS:MSDS of Pineapple Liquid Extract Blend

CAUTION: No herb-drug interactions are known but caution should be observed with external applications. The application in their prescribed doses may be considered safe.

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