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6 Floral Fragrance Oils Sample Kit - 0.3 Floz Each
6 Floral Fragrance Oils Sample Kit - 0.3 Floz Each

6 Floral Fragrance Oils Sample Kit - 0.3 Floz Each

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Floral Fragrance Oils Sample Kit

The Floral Fragrance Oil Sample Kit is a carefully assembled assortment of petite vials, each holding an exclusive floral-scented fragrance oil. Tailored for individuals who relish exploring diverse floral aromas or are engaged in crafting candles, soaps, perfumes, and scented items.

This kit encompasses a range of floral fragrances, enabling users to experiment and mix scents, crafting personalized and alluring combinations. Widely embraced by hobbyists, artisans, and fragrance industry professionals, these kits offer an avenue to discover and choose the ideal floral notes for their creations.

Floral Fragrance Oils Sample Kit

Scented Soap Making

Scented Soap Making

Fragrance Oil is specially formulated to obtain the most natural scents that can be added while making different kinds of soaps. This fragrance oil is suitable for making regular melt and pour soap bases as well as liquid soap bases.
Candle Making

Candle Making

Luxurious and classic aroma of Fragrance oil is suitable for candle making. It has a magical sweet and floral scent that uplifts and energizes the mood. This relaxing scent makes the atmosphere more comforting.
Air fresheners or Diffusers

Air fresheners or Diffusers

Fragrance of this Aroma oil diffuses a sweet, jolly, and uplifting scent that is unique and refreshing. Diffusers and air fresheners that use aroma oil are effective for eliminating the bad odor.
Incense sticks or Agarbatti

Incense sticks or Agarbatti

Scented Organic Agarbatti can be made more refreshing and calming by adding Royal Rose Fragrance Oil. These incense sticks can be used while doing Yoga, Meditation, Prayer, etc., to purify the air and calm the mind.


Perfume, Scents, cologne, and body mists use floral fragrance oils to create a seasonal signature scent that is fresh and energizing. The perfumes made from Floral Fragrance Oil have a fruity and rich scent that leaves a clean and elegant trail.
Cosmetics Care Products

Cosmetics Care Products

Toners, moisturizers, lotions, face packs, etc, Use Fragrance Oil to infuse the fragrance of natural and original-like rose scent. The fresh and floral aroma of this oil makes the skin smell good for hours.

Product Specifications

Product Name:Floral Fragrance Oil Sample Set
Oils NameJasmine, Rose, Orchid, Honeysuckle , Black Flower, Wild Lavender Fragrance Oil
Total Units :6
Jasmine Fragrance Oil :0.3 Floz
Royal Rose Fragrance Oil :0.3 Floz
Honeysuckle Fragrance Oil :0.3 Floz
Black Flower Fragrance Oil :0.3 Floz
Wild Lavender Fragrance Oil :0.3 Floz
Orchid Flower Fragrance Oil :0.3 Floz
Quantity:6 * 0.3 Floz

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