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Soap Nut Powder
Reetha (Soapnut) Powder
Reetha (Soapnut) Powder  Benefits
Reetha (Soapnut) Powder Uses
Certified Reetha (Soapnut) Powder

Soap Nut Powder

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Soapnut Powder / Reetha Powder

Soapnut Powder is made from the fruits of a herb called Reetha that is found mainly in India, Nepal, and China. It is mostly used for products that are formulated for cleansing skin and hair.This herb has been used since a long time in Ayurvedic treatments especially those which are concerned with hair and scalp issues.

Even today, you will find this as one of the primary ingredients in several herbal shampoos. Due to its foaming properties, it is also used in bath care products and soaps. Though it can form foam and bubbles, it does not foam as much as the surfactants do. Therefore, you might need to use other ingredients when you intend to use it in formulas that are meant for creating a lot of foam.

Soapnut powder is rich in saponins which gives it foam-forming ability and it has a balanced pH level which prevents it from drying, unlike soaps. Due to its cleansing properties, it is often used as a purifying agent in skincare and haircare applications.

Soapnut Powder is healthy for both skin and hair. Since it does not contain any chemicals, you can use it regularly. Soapnut powder comes in fine powdered form and has a light brown color. Its odor is herbal and slightly bitter. Also, it is soluble in water.

Soapnut Powder Uses

Hair Cleansers

Hair Cleansers

Soapnut Powder proves to be excellent when it comes to cleaning dust, oil, dirt, and other impurities from your scalp and hair. Makers of hair cleansers consider pure Soapnut powder to be a true gem in the hair care industry due to its hair cleansing and foaming qualities.
Lice Remover

Lice Remover

Make natural hair mask by mixing Soapnut Powder with water, if you are suffering the agony of head lice. It provides instant relief from head lice due to its insecticidal properties. Manufacturers of head lice removers incorporate it in their products due to these reasons.
Hair Growth Formulas

Hair Growth Formulas

Organic Soapnut Powder is often mixed with natural Amla powder to make hair growth formulas. It enhances the texture and growth of hair and makes your mane thicker and shinier. Pure Soapnut Powder is also used in controlling grey hair sometimes.
Face Washes

Face Washes

Exfoliating properties of natural Soap nut Powder are often preferred for making face washes as well. You can make a homemade face wash by blending it with a suitable essential oil of your choice. The face washes that contain herbal Soapnut powder balances skin tone.
Beauty Care Creams

Beauty Care Creams

Pimples, blackheads, and freckles make your face look dull and ugly. Organic Soapnut Powder is often implemented in beauty care creams that are meant to reduce pimples, dark spots, etc. from your face. These creams help to provide a spotless and youthful complexion to your face.


Soapnut Powder can be added to body lotions and face moisturizers as it makes your skin soft, smooth, and supple. It restores the moisture of your skin and prevents issues like redness or drying of the skin. Creams used to heal eczema, psoriasis, and other skin ailments contains soapnut powder.

Soapnut Powder Benefits

Eases Respiratory Issues

Eases Respiratory Issues

Expectorant qualities of our best Soapnut Powder can ease respiratory issues. It may also be useful in getting relief from sore throat, cold, and cough as it contains the Kapha dosha of our system. It is widely incorporated in Ayurvedic treatments as well.
Alternative for Soaps

Alternative for Soaps

Natural cleansing properties of organic Soapnut powder make it a good alternative for chemical-based soaps. You can make a great body cleanser by blending it with gram flour. This skincare recipe will make your skin glow and will also keep issues like acne at bay.
Soothes Insect Bites

Soothes Insect Bites

Healing, soothing, and anti-venomous qualities of Soapnut Powder make it effective against the snake, scorpion, and insect bites. Anti-inflammatory properties of natural Soapnut powder soothe the pain that is associated with snake and insect bites.
Alleviates Pain

Alleviates Pain

Natural Soapnut Powder exhibits powerful pain-relieving properties that make it effective against joint and muscle pain. It helps to reduce the inflammation that is associated with edema i.e. swelling of the body parts due to the extra fluid that gets caught in the tissues of your body.
Prevents Dandruff

Prevents Dandruff

Regular application of the hair cleansers that contain Soapnut Powder as an important ingredient prevents the chances of dandruff formation. It reduces hair fall and makes your hair healthy and stronger. It nourishes your scalp naturally and is often used to treat hair loss as well.
Heals Wounds

Heals Wounds

Ability of Soapnut Powder to reduce secondary skin infections makes it useful for accelerating the healing process in case of cuts, wounds, and bruises. It is often preferred as a wound cleanser. It is incorporated in treatments that are done to balance the three doshas of your body.

Product Specifications

INCI Name:Sapindus Mukorossi
Product Name:Reetha (Soapnut) Powder
Raw Material Source:Reetha
Color:Light Brown
Grade:Cosmetic Grade
Shelf Life:2 years
COA of Rose Petal Powder
MSDS of Rose Petal Powder

CAUTION: It is meant for external purposes. Keep it away from the reach of your kids and avoid direct contact with eyes.

Packaging Sizes

Please Note: The packaging shown above is a General Representation of the various sizes and types of packaging available for this product. Not all sizes and types of packaging for this product maybe available at all times.

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