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Moroccan Rhassoul Clay Powder (Nude)
Moroccan Rhassoul Clay Powder (Nude)
Buy Moroccan Rhassoul Clay Powder (Nude)
Moroccan Rhassoul (Nude) clay Benefits
Moroccan Rhassoul Clay Powder (Nude)
Moroccan Rhassoul (Nude) clay Uses
Certified Moroccan Rhassoul (Nude) clay

Moroccan Rhassoul Clay Powder (Nude)

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Moroccan Rhassoul Clay Powder (Nude)

Moroccan Rhassoul Clay which is also known as Ghassoul Clay is derived after mining ancient mineral-rich deposits of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. This fine and smooth-textured clay is made from natural geothermal and volcanic activities making it even richer and nourishing. This nude-colored Rhassoul clay contains a variety of minerals like magnesium, iron, silica, sodium, potassium, etc.
The Organic Moroccan Rhassoul Clay powder possesses immensely well detoxifying and remineralizing properties due to its diverse mineral composition. The richness of essential elements and compounds in this clay makes it even more nutritive for skin and hair. It helps to effectively reduce dryness and itchiness. It also enhances skin elasticity and clarity. Rhassoul Clay helps in unclogging the pores and getting rid of stubborn blackheads by eliminating toxins & impurities from the skin making its appearance smoother and softer.
The cleansing and extractive qualities of Rhassoul Clay help to remove the excess oil and grease from the hair. It also unclogs the hair follicles. Moroccan clay provides a complete hair and scalp treatment making hair shiny, bouncy, and voluminous.
We at VedaOils offer the Finest-quality Moroccan Rhassoul Clay that restores skin and hair health constructively. It is suitable for making soaps, skincare, cosmetics, and bathing products that will nourish your skin and hair. You can even use it to create your DIY products using this clay powder.

Moroccan Rhassoul Clay Uses

Hair Cleanser

Hair Cleanser

Naturally unearthed Moroccan clay has cleansing and extracting abilities which help to remove the product buildup, excess oil, dirt, and gunk from your scalp. It polishes the hair making hair strands shiny, healthy, and polished.
DIY Face Mask

DIY Face Mask

Rhassoul clay is super clay that makes skin glowing, and radiant. The facial mask made from this clay helps to get rid of dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and grime. Its regular application result in diminishing age spots, blemishes, and acne scars.
Exfoliating Face Scrub

Exfoliating Face Scrub

Minute granules and particles of Moroccon nude Rhassoul clay have excellent exfoliating properties which help in buffing the textured and bumpy skin making it smooth, and baby-soft. It also helps in stimulating blood circulation of the face.
Nourishing Hair Mask

Nourishing Hair Mask

Hair mask made up of Nude Moroccan Rhassoul clay Powder helps provide nutritious value to the scalp as well as hair strands. It makes the hair soft, silky, and frizz-free. It also makes the hair look naturally straightened.
Soap Making

Soap Making

Nude Moroccan Rhassoul clay has cleansing properties which make excellent conditioning and clarifying soap bars. It also makes a luxurious and rich lather which provides a good cleansing and nourishing experience.
Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

Skin hydrating and sustaining Moroccan Clay is used to make bath bombs as it helps to hold the shape and texture together. This Clay powder also adds beautiful natural color to the bath bomb.

Moroccan Rhassoul Clay Benefits

Cleansing & Extracting Properties

Cleansing & Extracting Properties

Nude Moroccan Clay contains natural purifying and cleansing qualities that help to get rid of all the impurities and toxins from the surface of the skin as well as hair and that is why it is used in many soaps, shampoos, and body cleansers.
Smoothens Skin

Smoothens Skin

Magnesium and potassium present in natural Moroccan Ghassoul Clay powder help to exfoliate the skin and improve blood circulation which provides a smooth and even tone skin. It also reduces the texture of the skin.
Youthful & Glowing Skin

Youthful & Glowing Skin

Enhanced blood circulation from the application of Rhassoul clay powder helps to provide a natural glow and shine to the skin. Moroccan Rhassoul Clay effectively tightens the pores which revitalize the skin and makes it younger looking.
Remineralizes Hair

Remineralizes Hair

Rhassoul clay powder provides a polishing and conditioning effect on the hair due to its remineralizing and restoring properties which make hair look nourished and shiny. This also naturally strengthens the hair.
Balances Skin

Balances Skin

Silica and sodium in this clay powder as an exfoliant that balances the uneven skin tone and texture. It rejuvenates and restores the damaged skin cells by providing nutrients and natural supplements to the skin.
Fights Free Radicals

Fights Free Radicals

Natural Moroccan Nude Rhassoul Clay Powder can fight off free radicals and harmful bacteria from the skin and eliminate them permanently. Organic ghassoul clay also prevents acne and bacteria from causing skin diseases.

Product Specifications

Product Name: Moroccan Nude Rhassoul Clay
INCI Name: N/A
Form: Powder
Color: Brown
Alternative Name: Moroccan Nude Rhassoul Clay Powder
Product Type: Clay
Paraben Free: Yes
Usage: Skin Care, Face Mask, Cosmetics, Hair Products
Packaging Type: As Per Requirement
Purity (%) 98
Shelf Life: 2 years
COA: COA of Moroccan Nude Rhassoul Clay Powder
MSDS: MSDS of Moroccan Nude Rhassoul Clay Powder

CAUTION: It is meant for external purposes. Keep it away from the reach of your kids and avoid direct contact with eyes.

Packaging Sizes

Please Note: The packaging shown above is a General Representation of the various sizes and types of packaging available for this product. Not all sizes and types of packaging for this product maybe available at all times.

Buy Nude Moroccan Rhassoul Clay Powder at Wholesale Price

VedaOils is one of the largest bulk manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and wholesalers of the Best-quality Moroccan Rhassoul Clay Powder in USA. Our clay powder is made from mineral-rich and high-quality clay powder that will enhance skin and hair health. We offer our clay powder at an affordable price. 
Our Nude Rhassoul Moroccan Clay Powder is free from chemically infused or toxin-based ingredients. We do not even add any artificial colorant and fragrance to our clay. No fillers, additives, or preservatives were added in the manufacturing of our Organic Rhassoul clay. It is also Vegan-friendly and Cruelty-free so you can enjoy using it without any guilt. The various health properties of this clay powder help to effectively enhance the skin and hair texture.
Certain standard packaging and quality check measures are followed while packing our premium quality Moroccan Rhassoul Clay in zip-lock Aluminum packs so that you can receive them in perfect condition at your doorsteps. 
We at VedaOils offer our Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Powder Online in packages of different quantities (1 Lb, 5 Lbs, 50 Lbs) so that you can order them as per your needs on our website. We export our Rhassoul clay in bulk quantities to various countries like UK, Canada, Australia, etc. using our logistic partners DHL, FedEx, USPS, UPS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask a Question
  • Q: What is Moroccan Rhassoul clay?
    A: Moroccan Rhassoul Clay is a mineral-rich clay that is derived from the deposit of the Atlas mountains in Morocco.
  • Q: How to use Moroccan Rhassoul body clay?
    A: You can use this clay powder to make soaps, bathing products, and beauty products. You can even create your DIY products.
  • Q: Is Moroccan clay the same as Rhassoul clay?
    A: Both of these clays are derived from the same deposits but they differ in color and mineral composition.
  • Q: Is Rhassoul clay good for hair?
    A: Yes, Rhasssoul clay is good for hair because it cleanses the scalp and polishes the hair strands.
  • Q: Where to buy Moroccan Rhassoul clay in bulk?
    A: VedaOils is the leading manufacturer and Supplier of the best quality Moroccan Rhassoul Clay Powder. We offer our products at a discounted price and in bulk quantities. You can check it out and order it from our website.
  • Q: Is Rhassoul clay good for skin?
    A: The minerals and nutrients present in Moroccan Rhassoul clay make it excellent for the skin as it helps to nourish it thoroughly.
  • Q: Why is there a nude and a brown rhassoul clay? What is the difference?

    Nude and brown rhassoul clay are both types of clay that are used in skincare, but they differ in their color and properties.

    1. Color: The main difference between nude and brown rhassoul clay is their color. Nude rhassoul clay is lighter in color and has a beige or pinkish hue, while brown rhassoul clay is darker and has a brown or grayish hue.

    2. Properties: Both clays are known for their ability to absorb excess oil and impurities from the skin, but they have slightly different properties. Nude rhassoul clay is often considered gentler and more suitable for sensitive skin, while brown rhassoul clay is slightly more absorbent and may be better for oily or acne-prone skin.

    When choosing between nude and brown rhassoul clay, consider your skin type and the specific skincare concerns you have. It is always recommended to do a patch test before applying any new skincare product to the face, to ensure there are no adverse reactions.