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Wooden Candle Wicks + Tabs | Combo Pack
Wooden Candle Wicks + Tabs | Combo Pack
Wooden Candle Wicks + Tabs | Combo Pack
Wooden Candle Wicks + Tabs | Combo Pack

Wooden Candle Wicks + Tabs | Combo Pack

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Wooden Candle Wicks + Tabs

Best Wood wick for candle making are made from high-quality wood. Wood wicks are easier for beginners as well as candle-making experts. When compared to ordinary cotton wicks, these wicks have distinctive properties which makes them the first choice of candle makers. These wicks are suitable for small as well as large businesses as they are affordable and easy to use.

Wooden Candle wicks are environmentally friendly since they produce no black smoke, and burn at a reasonable rate. It is an excellent choice for DIY enthusiasts since it can be used with a variety of candles, including teacup candles, pillar candles, and so on. These wicks are perfect for home decoration and festivals as they light up the space beautifully. You can even incorporate it in a Candle making kit.

Wooden Wick tabs, also called as Eyelets, are used in Wick Arrangement to secure the wooden wicks properly. These wooden wick tabs are particularly useful for producing homemade candles. Sustainers stabs of good quality are useful for placing candle wicks at a right place. This simplifies the candle-making process.

Wooden Candle Wicks + Tabs Uses & Benefits

Eco-Friendly and Natural

Eco-Friendly and Natural

Natural Wood candle wicks are made from 100 % natural and raw wood and are manufactured without the use of any artificial materials or chemicals, resulting in a safe and environmentally friendly product.  
High-Quality Wooden Wicks

High-Quality Wooden Wicks

Wooden wicks are made from high-quality wood which makes them premium. These non-toxic hardwood wicks emit no smoke and burn perfectly without causing any trouble. 
Perfect Flame

Perfect Flame

Wooden wicks have a perfect flame as it is burnt from high-quality wood. The flame of these wicks is clean as it does not cause smoke or emit toxic gasses while burning. 
High-quality Material

High-quality Material

Wick Metal Stab is composed of high-quality material. These sustainer stabs will not get damaged easily since they are strong and long-lasting. It is created with durable material so that it can be used for an extended period of time.
Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Wooden wick clip are simple to use, making the process of producing candles easier. In addition, the wick aligning device is intended to function with the vast majority of candle containers.
Perfect Size

Perfect Size

Wood Wick tabs hold flat and are perfect for cross-shaped wood wicks as they can fit easily into a variety of jars. It's also suitable for pillar candles, tealight candles, Mason jar candles, and other similar goods.

How to Use Wooden Candle Wicks + Tabs?

Method 1: Wooden candle wicks  are ready to use in the jars and do not require soaking or doubling. The wooden surface of the wick is quite stable as it stands upright and sturdy.

Method 2: Fix the candle wood wicks on the bottom of a container, then pour the wax while holding the top in the center. When it has cooled, you will have a lovely candle for yourself and your family.


To place wick sustainer tabs, follow these steps:

  • Cut your wooden wick in an appropriate length.

  • Insert the wick into the hole present in the candle wick sustainer tabs.

  • Tape the candle jar to the bottom so that the wick is securely in place.


Product Specifications

Product Name:Wooden Candle Wicks + Metal Wick Tabs
Wick Dimensions:5.5 Inch or 13.1 Cm
Country of Origin:India
Material:Wood & Metal
Capacity:As per requirement
Suitable for:Candle Making, Home Decor

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