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Charcoal Beads
Charcoal Beads
Charcoal Beads Benfits
Charcoal Beads
Charcoal Beads Uses

Charcoal Beads

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Charcoal Beads

Activated Charcoal Beads that are in great demand in the cosmetic industry. It has become one of the most used raw ingredients in face washes, face scrubs, peel-off masks, and many other beauty care and skincare applications. Though used mainly as an exfoliant, charcoal is also used as a stabilizer, a viscosity enhancer, and a binder in many cosmetic formulations. Its ability to absorb water makes it a useful ingredient when the emulsion gets too watery or thin.

Charcoal Beads cleansing properties are even used in personal care products like toothpaste. Charcoal beads are easy to use, flexible, and can be crushed easily into a fine powder. Therefore, it is convenient to use them as and when required. These beads are even used in shampoos and soaps due to their several benefits.

Charcoal Beads consist of carbon primarily and when charcoal is exposed to high temperature or heat for a long time, then it gets converted into a fine powdered form i.e. it gets activated. This activated charcoal is used to make these Charcoal Beads. Activated Charcoal is more effective than other forms of charcoal as it tends to trap dirt and other impurities more quickly due to its larger surface area. These beads also showcase anti-inflammatory properties that can be used in the manufacturing of products that heal skin rashes, sunburns, etc.

Charcoal Beads is one of the important cosmetic raw materials as it proves to be effective in the treatment of skin issues like acne and pimples. Moreover, it is a safe ingredient for your skin when used in the right proportion.

Charcoal Beads Benefits

  • Exfoliating Properties: Charcoal Beads are mainly used in face scrubs and face masks due to their exfoliating properties that allow them to trap dirt, excess oil, dead skin cells, dust, and other toxins from your skin pores. As a result, the application of products that contain these beads makes your skin clean. This also prevents other issues that might arise when the toxins remain in your skin cells for a long time.
  • Inhibits Bacterial Growth: These beads are also preferred because they inhibit the growth of fungi and bacteria. Therefore, they keep issues like pimples, acne, and breakouts at bay, and skincare applications that are used to treat these issues might also contain them as one of the primary ingredients.
  • Natural Ingredient As the demand for natural ingredients is ever increasing across the world, Charcoal i.e. activated carbon is getting immensely popular among consumers. These premium quality Charcoal Beads are one of the best alternatives to synthetic skin cleansers and they can also be used for making DIY body scrubs, face masks, etc.
  • Versatile: Charcoal Beads blend easily with water, milk, and other natural ingredients. It not only eliminates toxins from your skin and body but also kills the bacteria that might be responsible for itching and body odor. As a result, it is a highly versatile cosmetic raw ingredient.
  • Finishing Agent: Charcoal Beads can also be used as a finishing agent due to their typical texture and properties to gel wonderfully with other ingredients. However, be careful while choosing the concentration as it might also change the color and appearance of the finished products to some extent.
  • Product Applications: Face scrubs, face masks, gels, hair shampoos, body washes, toothpaste, soaps, body cleansers, and other skincare, hair care, and cosmetic applications contain Charcoal Beads as one of their main ingredients.

How to use Charcoal Beads?

The recommended use level varies from 1% to 5% while using it in different cosmetic formulations. It is only meant for external purposes.

Product Specifications

Raw Material Source: Wood
Manufacturing Process: Dry pieces of wood are exposed to an extremely high temperature to produce a fine powder of activated carbon which is then processed to form Charcoal Beads.
Chemical Composition: N/A
Chemical Formula: Carbon (C)
CAS Number: 7440-44-0
INCI Name: Charcoal Beads
IUPAC Name: Activated Carbon
Molecular Weight: 12.1 grams/mole
Specific Gravity: N/A
Boiling Point: N/A
Flash Point: 349 °C
Odor: Mild odor or odorless
PH Level: 12 to 13
HLB Value: N/A
Color: Blackish Grey
Grade Standard: Technical Grade
Shelf Life: 24 months
Purity (%): 99.7%
Form: Beads
Alternative Names: Activated Carbon
Solubility: Yes
Applications: Cosmetic, Personal Care, Skincare, and Haircare

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