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Black Carnauba Wax Pellets - Vedaoils
Black Carnauba Wax Pellets
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Carnauba Wax (Black) Pellets Benefits
Carnauba Wax (Black) Pellets Uses
Certified Carnauba Wax (Black) Pellets

Black Carnauba Wax Pellets

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Carnauba Wax (Black) Pellets

Carnauba Wax Black Pellets are extracted from Brazilian Palm Tree Leaves. This wax is secreted by the leaves and stems to protect themselves from harmful UV rays and water. Carnauba Black wax is the hardest wax among all the natural waxes. It also has a high melting point.

Black Carnauba Wax Pellets produces a shine and polish as it contains Natural Oils. It has protective properties that help to lock the moisture and reflect a Glossy Effect. This wax is widely used in Car Paints and Polishes. These wax Pellets are highly modifiable as they can easily be constructed into sprays as well as solid wax.

Carnauba black wax Pellets also act as an Emulsifying Agent thus it regulates the thickness and smoothness of the formula. It is widely used in many cosmetic and beauty products because of its conditioning properties. It is also used in pharmaceuticals products and Hair Care products. Candles made of black Carnauba wax Pellets are health-friendly and eco-friendly as it produces very little soot. Black Carnauba wax Pellets wax is also used in many Automobile Products.

We at VedaOils offer the Finest Quality Carnauba Black wax pellets at an affordable price. Our wax Pellets are Vegan-friendly, currently-free, and nature-friendly. It is also free from any chemically infused ingredients. Our Carnauba black wax granules have a very consistent formula that will inspire you to be creative and make your favorite DIY recipes.

Carnauba Wax (Black) Pellets Use For: Automobile, skincare, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, candles, soaps
Carnauba Wax (Black) Pellets Suitable For: Lip balms, eyeliners, mascaras, candle and soap making, lotions, moisturizers, car polish, wooden polish, hair mask, hair conditioner, DIY.

Black Carnauba Wax Pellets Uses

Candle Making

Candle Making

Black Carnauba wax Pellets is used to make scented and unscented candles as it does not produce smoke or soot. It is completely safe for the health. These Candles can be used for commercial as well as for personal use.
Soap & Lotion Bars

Soap & Lotion Bars

Soaps and Lotion bars are made using pure Black Carnauba wax beads as it has a moisturizing agent which nourishes the skin. Black Carnauba wax pellets make the skin very smooth and baby-soft.
Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic products like foundation, concealers, mascara, eyeliners, kohls, etc. use natural Black Carnauba wax Pellets. It also helps to maintain the composition of cosmetic products formula.
Car Polish

Car Polish

Black Carnauba car wax pellets acts as a shield that protects the paint against damage. Black Carnauba car wax polish pellets also helps prevent paint chips due to the reduced friction. It also protects against damage from water.
Wooden Furniture Coating

Wooden Furniture Coating

Black Carnauba wax granules are used for polishing and coating wooden furniture as it provides a shine and smooth texture to the furniture. It also protects the furniture from scratches and other damages.
Haircare Products

Haircare Products

Hair care products like hair masks, conditioner, shiners, etc. use organic Black Carnauba wax pellets as it nourishes the hair. Black Carnauba wax beads protect hair from heat damage and split-ends.

Black Carnauba Wax Pellets Benefits

Hydrophobic Properties

Hydrophobic Properties

Hydrophobic property of Organic Black Carnauba wax granules makes it insoluble with water which serves as a shield while also making the products made using it appear more Glossy and reflective.
Protection Against UV Rays

Protection Against UV Rays

Black Carnauba wax Pellets are resistant to UV rays. They also provide complete protection from harsh sunlight. Black Carnauba wax prevents UV rays from sun damages like fading, oxidation, and discoloration.
High Melting Point

High Melting Point

Black carnauba wax has a high melting point which improves the thermo-stability of cosmetic formulas. It helps maintain their physical composition like hardness, luster, water-proofing property, etc. when subjected to high heat.
Glossy & Shiny Effect

Glossy & Shiny Effect

Protective qualities of organic black Carnauba Wax Pellets give any surface a smooth and glossy finish. black Carnauba Wax beads naturally makes the skin bright and even-toned which makes it look sheen.
Hydrates Skin

Hydrates Skin

Natural Black Carnauba wax Pellets have natural conditioning properties that hydrate and moisturize the skin. Black Carnauba wax granules have emollient property because of which it absorbs into the skin very easily.
Hypoallergenic Properties

Hypoallergenic Properties

Hypoallergenic properties of Black Carnauba wax works as a type of shield for many skincare products and also acts as a binding agent. It protects the skin, hair, and overall health as it is safe for human consumption.

Product Specifications

Product Name:Carnauba Wax Black
INCI Name:Candelilla Cera
CAS Number:8006-44-8
Suitable for:Lip balms, Lotion Bars, Cosmetic & Beauty, Skincare Products
Saponification Value:88.51
Melting Point:85℃
Storage:Store in a Cool & Dry place.
Shelf Life:2 years
COA of Carnauba Wax Black
MSDS of Carnauba Wax Black
Black Carnauba Wax Pellets Recipes Ingredients:Recipes of Black Carnauba Wax pellets

CAUTION: It is meant only for external use, Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Packaging Sizes

Please Note: The packaging shown above is a General Representation of the various sizes and types of packaging available for this product. Not all sizes and types of packaging for this product maybe available at all times.

Order Black Carnauba Wax at Wholesale Prices

VedaOils is the leading manufacturer, supplier, distributor, and wholesaler of Premium Quality Black Carnauba Wax Pellets in USA. Buy Black Carnauba Wax Pellets Online in Bulk at Wholesale price from VedaOils. Our Black Carnauba wax granules are natural and chemical-free. It does not even contain any additives or artificial coloring or fragrances.

Our Carnauba wax black pellets are Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free as it is free from animal-derived ingredients. We do not test any of our products on animals. Black Carnauba wax Pellets have been specially formulated to obtain the perfect consistency and texture so that you can enjoy using them in your DIY. 

We also follow safety precautions and quality check measures so that you can receive the best quality Black Carnauba wax beads at your doorstep. Our Carnauba Wax (black) Pellets come in packages of different quantities (1lb, 4lb, 8lb) so that you can order them as per your needs. We even export our Black Carnauba wax Pellets to UK, France, Canada, Dubai Australia, etc. using our logistics partners DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc. So, order the finest quality Carnauba wax from VedaOils and enjoy using them. 

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