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Cetrimonium Chloride (CTAC)
Cetrimonium Chloride (CTAC)
Cetrimonium Chloride (CTAC)
Cetrimonium Chloride (CTAC)
Cetrimonium Chloride (CTAC)

Cetrimonium Chloride (CTAC)

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Cetrimonium Chloride (Ctac)

Cetrimonium Chloride, also known as Ctac, is a quaternary ammonium compound commonly used in various personal care products. It is an antistatic agent, surfactant, and conditioning agent. Ctac has a positive charge that allows it to neutralize the negative charges on hair strands, reducing static electricity and improving manageability.

In hair care products, Ctac is often found in conditioners, shampoos, and styling products. It helps to detangle hair, enhance its smoothness, and reduce frizz. Ctac can also aid in the dispersion of other ingredients in formulations and improve the overall stability of products. Cetrimonium Chloride (Ctac) is a versatile ingredient used in personal care products to enhance the conditioning and antistatic properties of hair, providing smoother, more manageable locks.

Cetrimonium Chloride (Ctac) Benefits & Uses

Hair Conditioners

Hair Conditioners

Ctac is widely used in hair conditioners due to its excellent conditioning properties. It helps to improve the texture and manageability of hair by reducing frizz, enhancing smoothness, and providing anti-static effects. Ctac coats the hair strands, making them easier to comb and style.
Antiseptic Solutions

Antiseptic Solutions

Ctac is also used in antiseptic solutions and cleansers. It exhibits antimicrobial properties and can be effective against certain bacteria and fungi. In topical antiseptic formulations, Ctac helps in cleansing and disinfecting the skin, making it suitable for use in wound care products.
Personal Care Products

Personal Care Products

Ctac is a common ingredient in various personal care products such as creams, lotions, and serums. It acts as an emulsifier, aiding in the blending of oil and water-based ingredients. Ctac helps stabilize the formulations, improve their texture, and enhance the spreadability of the products on the skin.
Conditioning Agent

Conditioning Agent

Ctac is known for its excellent conditioning properties when applied to the hair or skin. It helps to improve the texture, softness, and manageability of hair by reducing frizz, enhancing smoothness, and reducing static electricity. When used in skincare products, Ctac can provide a soft and smooth feel to the skin.
Antistatic Agent

Antistatic Agent

Ctac has antistatic properties, making it beneficial in hair care formulations. It neutralizes the negative charges on hair strands, reducing static electricity and preventing flyaways. This helps in controlling frizz and maintaining a smoother, more manageable hairstyle.
Emulsifying Agent

Emulsifying Agent

Ctac acts as an emulsifier in cosmetic formulations. It helps to blend oil and water-based ingredients, allowing them to mix together uniformly. This property is especially useful in creams, lotions, and other personal care products where oil and water phases need to be combined.

Product Specifications

Product Name :Cetrimonium Chloride (Ctac)
Brand Name:VedaOils
Chemical Formula:C19H42ClN
CAS Number:112-02-7
Color:Colorless or Transparent
Shelf Life:24 months
Molecular weight :320 g/mol
Applications:Cosmetics, food, Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care Products

CAUTION: It is meant for external purposes. Keep it away from the reach of your kids and avoid direct contact with eyes.

Packaging Sizes

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