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Corn Starch
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Corn Starch

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Corn Starch

Corn Starch refers to a powder that has fine particles which are obtained from the corn cobs (dried). It is similar to corn flour but functions differently as it is derived from the internal part of the corn seeds, and therefore, it is more thickening than cornflour. It is softer as well and can prove to be a good replacement for cosmetic talcum powder. It is also known as corn silk due to its silky particles and comprises skin-soothing properties.

Due to its silky texture, cornstarch is often used in makeup products to add a velvety finish to them. As a result, it proves to be ideal for hiding imperfections and marks on your face when used in makeup applications. Cornstarch possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that make it one of the useful cosmetic ingredients in cosmetic applications. Due to its healing properties, various skincare products includes cornstarch.

Cornstarch Powder Benefits

  • Anti-inflammatory Properties: Cornstarch can soothe skin irritation and inflammation. Moreover, it is also used for healing sunburns and allergies when used with other ingredients like water and peanut butter.
  • Prevent Diaper Rash and Skin Irritation: It is used to give relief from pain caused due to insect or bug bites. Also, it can be used to soothe and treat diaper rashes when used in baby care lotions.
  • Medical Use: Its medicinal properties make it an effective substitute for Xanthan Gum, Potato Starch, Glucomannan, Guar Gum, etc.
  • Antiseptic Properties: Cornstarch is gluten-free and safe for all skin types and tones. Its antiseptic properties make it one of the ideal cosmetic raw materials and used to treat Athlete’s foot, fungus growth, spreading of wounds, etc.
  • Anti-chafing Properties: It has the potential to absorb moisture quickly and therefore, it is sometimes used in deodorants that comprise natural ingredients. Cornstarch also prevents chafing of the skin by reducing the dry or chaffed area's friction.
  • Used in Cosmetics Products: People who have oily skin can utilize its ability to soak oil when used in makeup products. Moreover, cornstarch added in shampoos and other cosmetic products for cleansing dry and rough hair.

How to Use Cornstarch?

You can use it as it is without changing its chemical composition. The concentration level can range between 40 and 70% as per your requirements. Use cornstarch for external application only.

Product Specifications

Raw Material Source: Kernels of Corn Cob
Manufacturing Process: Corn Kernels are grinded and the obtained powder is further refined to eliminate fibers and proteins.
Chemical Formula: C27H48O20
CAS Number: 9005-25-8
INCI Name: Allantoin
Molecular Weight: 692.7 g/mol
Boiling Point: 205ᵒ C
Flash Point: N/A
Odor: N/A
PH Level: 3-6
HLB Value: N/A
Color: White
Grade Standard: N/A
Shelf Life: 24 months
Purity (%): 99%
Form: Powder
Alternative Names: N/A
Solubility: Soluble in Water

CAUTION: This product is only meant for external application. Therefore, avoid using it internally and not use it if you are suffering from any skin ailments.

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