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Gum Acacia Powder
Gum Acacia Powder
Gum Acacia Powder
Gum Acacia Powder
Gum Acacia Powder

Gum Acacia Powder

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Gum Acacia Powder

Gum Acacia, available in powdered form, is a natural gum extracted from the sap of the Acacia tree. Its wide range of applications and advantageous properties have gained significant recognition. In the food and beverage industry, Gum Acacia serves as a natural thickener and stabilizer, enhancing the texture and mouthfeel of various products like beverages, confectioneries, and sauces. It also acts as an emulsifier, improving the stability of oil-in-water emulsions. Beyond food, Gum Acacia finds utility in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and dietary supplements. It acts as a binding agent for tablet formulations, a film-forming agent for coatings, and a prebiotic fiber in dietary supplements. With its high solubility in water and compatibility with other ingredients, Gum Acacia proves to be a versatile and valuable ingredient across multiple industries.

Gum Acacia Powder Benefits And Uses

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

Gum Acacia powder is widely utilized in the food and beverage industry to enhance the texture and stability of products such as beverages, confectioneries, and sauces. It acts as a natural thickening and stabilizing agent, improving the overall sensory experience.


Gum Acacia powder plays a crucial role in the pharmaceutical field as a binding agent in tablet formulations. It helps ensure the integrity and cohesiveness of tablets by holding the ingredients together. Its adhesive properties make it a valuable component in pharmaceutical manufacturing.


Gum Acacia powder finds application in cosmetics as a film-forming agent in coatings. It forms a protective layer on the skin or hair, contributing to improved appearance and performance in cosmetic products. Its ability to create a barrier enhances the efficacy and longevity of cosmetic formulations.


Gum Acacia powder is highly soluble in water, allowing for easy integration into different formulations and ensuring effective distribution throughout the product.
Thickening and Stabilizing

Thickening and Stabilizing

Gum Acacia powder possesses remarkable thickening and stabilizing properties, enhancing the texture of food and beverage products and extending their shelf life by maintaining their structure and preventing separation.


Gum Acacia powder can form a protective film when applied to surfaces like the skin or hair in cosmetics. This film acts as a barrier, improving the overall appearance and performance of cosmetic products by providing a smooth and protective layer.

Product Specifications

Product Name : Potassium Chloride
Brand Name: VedaOils
Chemical Formula: C15H20NNaO4
CAS Number: 9000-01-5
Molecular Weight: 180.41 g/mol
Color: White
Shelf Life: 24 months
Form: Powder
Applications: Cosmetics, Food Industry, Pharmaceuticals,
COA: COA of Gum Acacia powder

CAUTION: It is meant for external purposes. Keep it away from the reach of your kids and avoid direct contact with eyes.

Packaging Sizes

Please Note: The packaging shown above is a General Representation of the various sizes and types of packaging available for this product. Not all sizes and types of packaging for this product maybe available at all times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q: Is gum acacia safe?
    A: Yes, gum acacia, also known as gum arabic, is considered safe for consumption by regulatory authorities such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). It has a long history of use in food and beverage products and is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) as a food additive.
  • Q: What is the Usage Rate of gum acacia?
    A: The recommended usage and concentration of this product vary depending on the specific formulation and its intended purpose. Due to the nature of the formulation, there is no precise or standardized concentration that can be universally recommended.
  • Q: Does acacia gum contain sugar?
    A: Yes, acacia gum does contain sugar. Acacia gum, also known as gum arabic, is a natural gum sourced from the Acacia senegal and Acacia seyal trees. It consists primarily of complex polysaccharides, which are carbohydrates composed of multiple sugar units.