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Light Liquid Paraffin (LLP) Oil
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Light Liquid Paraffin Benefits
Light Liquid Paraffin Uses
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Light Liquid Paraffin (LLP) Oil

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Light Liquid Paraffin (LLP) Oil

LLP i.e. Light Liquid Paraffin Oil is a mineral oil that is highly refined. It is also referred to as ‘Paraffinum Liquidum’ and is used extensively in the medicine and cosmetic industry due to its various medicinal and therapeutic properties. LLP proves to be ideal for the treatment of dry skin due to its emollient properties.

Liquid Paraffin Oil is a safe ingredient when used in cosmetic and skincare formulations. However, remember that only a pure form of LLP is safe for your skin as the impure variants might still contain traces of petrochemicals that might be harmful to your skin and health.

As the Light Liquid Paraffin Oil we provide is available in its purest form, it is colorless and transparent. Moreover, it also does not have any odor or taste. However, it might carry some odor when heated. Due to these properties, it is an easy-to-use and flexible cosmetic ingredient.

Though suitable for most skin types, Light Liquid Paraffin Oil is mostly used for soothing dry and irritated skin. As a result, people who have oily skin might not find it of much use. The good thing about LLP is that it blends wonderfully with most ingredients and does not alter the final composition or color of the finished products. Therefore, it is one of the favorite cosmetic raw materials of cosmetic makers.

Light Liquid Paraffin Oil is also found in many industrial applications and is also used in making candles. However, you will find it in lip balms, lotions, soaps, creams, ointments, and many other products when it comes to cosmetics. It is also used to treat some skin issues and diseases like eczema, itching, dryness of skin, etc. Moreover, it also enhances the overall texture of your skin. Therefore, it is perfect for adding in a wide range of cosmetic and skin care applications.

Light Liquid Paraffin (LLP) Benefits & Uses

  • Soothes Dry Skin: Light Liquid Paraffin is a perfect cure for dry skin as it creates a barrier film on your skin. This skin barrier is water-resistant and prevents moisture from your skin from escaping. As a result, your skin feels hydrated and soft after its application. People who have excessive dry skin can use it to enhance the softness and smoothness of their skin. Therefore, it proves to be an ideal ingredient in moisturizers, body lotions, creams, anti-irritation ointments, etc.
  • Relief From Irritation: By making your skin soft due to its emollient properties, Light Liquid Paraffin ensures that you do not feel any irritation or itchiness. The protective barrier that it creates protects your skin from external environmental factors like harsh sunlight, wind, bacteria, allergens, etc. As a result, you can also use it for manufacturing skin protection creams and sunscreens.
  • Reduces Eczema Symptoms: As Light Liquid Paraffin locks moisture in your skin, it provides relief from certain skin conditions like eczema that cause extreme skin irritation rashes, and itchiness. It reduces the pain and irritation associated with eczema and helps restore the natural condition of your skin by strengthening its moisture barrier.
  • Conditions Hair: The conditioning properties of LLP make it a key ingredient in hair conditioners. It makes your hair glossy and improves its overall outer appearance as well.
  • Opens-up Skin Pores: Light Liquid Paraffin is also used for making your face look fresh and young as it opens skin pores and eliminates dead skin cells and dirt from it. Therefore, you should not be surprised if you find it in face washes or face masks.
  • Product Applications: Skin creams, face packs, lotions, ointments, dry skin treatment, hair conditioners, moisturizers, etc., contain Liquid Paraffin Oil as one of their primary ingredients.

How to Use Light Liquid Paraffin Oil?

The use level might vary according to the intended use and application. Remember that this ingredient is meant for external applications only.

Product Specifications

Product Name:Light Liquid Paraffin
Raw Material Source:Petroleum
Manufacturing Process:It is obtained by purifying petroleum i.e. crude oil as a by-product while making petroleum products like gasoline.
Chemical Composition:CnH2n+2
Chemical Formula:Carbon (C)
CAS Number:8002-74-2
INCI Name:Paraffinum Liquidum
IUPAC Name:Paraffin Oils
Molecular Weight:0.83238 grams/ml
Boiling Point:60 °C
Flash Point:190 °C
PH Level:7 to 9
HLB Value:12-13
Grade Standard:Technical Grade
Shelf Life:24 months
Purity (%):99%
Alternative Names:Paraffin Oil
Solubility:Not soluble
Applications:Cosmetic, Skincare, and Haircare
COA of Light Liquid Paraffin
MSDS of Light Liquid Paraffin

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