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How to make Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar at Home: DIY Recipe

Oily and acne-prone skin can be a real misery for many people and getting rid of them can be a real task. Many commercial acne-fighting products might occasionally do more damage than good. Dead Sea Mud Soap is one such natural cure that may assist you in resolving all of your skin issues. 

Emperors in ancient Egypt used dead sea mud on their skin, and the benefits are still true today, and due to this reason, some of the high-end spas offer treatments and products containing this natural element. This majestic clay contains components like Montmorillonite, decomposed plant material like kelp and seaweed, magnesium, calcium, potassium, dolomite, silica, etc which works like magic on the skin. 

These ingredients work together to nourish and gently detoxify, hydrate, and soften the skin. Soap made from dead sea clay can be a beneficial option for all skin types. These soaps can be especially beneficial to those suffering from acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Let’s have a look at the step-by-step recipe to make a DIY Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar at Home. 

Dead Sea Mud Soap

Homemade Dead Sea Mud Soap Recipe Ingredients List

You can easily find these ingredients while making dead sea clay soap from your local market, or you can even check out the VedaOils store to get these items at affordable prices.

Step by Step DIY Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar Recipe 

To make a cleansing and detoxifying dead sea soap bar, simply follow the steps in this simple recipe. This recipe from scratch will be helpful to you if you are new to soap manufacturing or even if you are an expert. As we have gathered all of the soap making ingredients, proceed as follows:

Step 1: Cut the Goat Milk Melt and Pour Soap Base in small chunks.

Using a sharp knife, cut the goat milk melt and pour the soap base into 1 inch (2.54-centimeter) pieces. Make sure the chunks aren't too big, because smaller parts will melt fast and smoothly.

Step 2: Melt Soap Base Pieces in Microwave

Microwave the chunks of melt and pour soap base in a microwave-safe bowl for at least 3 minutes. Check the microwave's timer every 30 seconds to see if the soap base is melting properly. If necessary, stir the melted mixture. Make certain that the soap base does not boil and that it is not heated directly on flames.

Step 3: Mix the dead sea clay powder and olive or jojoba oil into the melted mixture

Allow the melted soap base to cool for a few minutes before adding your dead sea clay powder and jojoba oil or olive oil into the mixture. Mix the soap base thoroughly so that all the ingredients blend properly. 

Step 4: Add Essential Oil into the Melted Soap Base Mixture

Add your selected Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil to create the soaps according to the fragrance and features desired in your soap. Remember to dilute the essential oils before using them in your soap base. 

Step 5: Add Desired Ingredients to customize Your Melted Soap Base

Add your chosen soap-making components, such as preserved herbs and flowers, sparkles, and so on, to create a customized soap bar. Combine the ingredients well with the dead sea clay soap base.

Step 6: Pour Moulds with Melted Dead Sea Clay Soap Base

Pour the dead sea mud soap base mixture into your choice soap-making moulds after thoroughly mixing it. Apply petroleum jelly to the insides of the moulds for smooth and uncomplicated procedures. Allow the mixture to cool for 24 hours at room temperature.

Step 7: Remove Soap Bars from Moulds

Pop the mould and gently remove the dead sea mud soap bars from the mould. Wait for the finish. Be patient while removing the soap bars. Make sure you pick the Soap only after they have dried completely.

Step 8: Store the Soap Bars in a Glass Jar

Because the cooling and setting process of soaps might take several days, it is best to keep the batch of soaps in a glass jar to ensure that the shape and texture stay intact.


Enjoy making your own DIY Dead Sea Clay Soap Bar at home with your favorite ingredients. Use your imagination to personalize it to your liking. We are sure that your skin and you will like the dead sea mud soap bar since it contains skin-loving elements. Looking for a place to purchase soap-making supplies for your DIY Soap Bar? Choose VedaOils US! They provide high-quality soap-making supplies at reasonable costs and with a large variety of options. So, have fun creating soap using VedaOils US products!

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