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How to Make Rose Water at Home

How to Make Rose Water at Home: We can make rose water by concentrating rose petals with steam. Rose water is used as a natural fragrance, in place of chemical-filled perfumes. It originated in what is now known as Iran. Roses are a symbol of love, sensualness, and luxury. It is known as Rosa damascene in Latin. The honed aroma of roses is one of the most decipherable in the world. It is extensively popular in the beauty industry. Rose is used in everything from creams to colognes. Rose water is a liquid made from water pervaded with rose petals. It is one of the best ways roses can be used for well-being, beauty, and food. Rose water is a health and wellness essential. It is used in many ways, from room spray to a scented bath. Please refer to this article to know how to make rose water at home.

How to make rose water at home

How to Make Rose Water at Home: Step-by-Step Guide

There are three ways to make rose water at home:

  1. The Simmering Method

Prep the roses: Simmering is the easiest way to make rose water at home. First you need to detach the petals from the stems and fill at least half a cup of fresh petals.

Add petals and water to the pot: Immerse the petals with insufficient water to cover them. Anything added more can make the rose water diluted.

Turn the burner to the medium: Place the pot on the stove and bring the water to a seethe. Once it starts seething, cover and reduce to a lower setting. Let the leaves lose their colors and leave them for 15 to 30 minutes.

Strain the mixture: use a strainer to strain the mixture and separate the unuseful substituents.

Use a sealed container: You can use a spray bottle to store the rose water. It can be stored for even a month.

  1. The Distilling Method

Prep the roses: Remove the petals from the stems.

Prepare the large pot: Place a small bowl in the center of a large pot. If the bowl isn’t raised enough to meet the pot’s limits, use another bowl or whatever heat-tolerant to lift it. This will act as an influence on the pot lid.

Keep petals and water: You need to put petals into the pot then add distilled water. 

Put ice on top of the lid: For the condensation inside the pot, you should use some ice that can accelerate the steam.

Pour rose water: Now, turn off the heat and let the mixture cool before removing the lid. Make sure no more water drips into the bowl. Put the rose water into a jar.

Strain the mixture: Now the distillation method is done. It's time to strain the rose water collected around the bowl. Use a strainer and separate the rose petals from the liquid.

  1. The Crushing Method

Prep the roses: Detach the stems and flowers until you get a half cup of petals. That will be sufficient for making rose water.

Make two piles: You should divide petals into two equal-size piles. Crush the first pile in the mortar and pestle to excerpt the juice. The second pile will be used later for more reliable coloring.

Transfer to a bowl: Place the crushed juice into a bowl. leave it for two-three hours so that the liquid gets thickened. Now, mix the remaining petals. Let it sit for an additional 24 hours at room temperature.

Place the mixture in a ceramic saucepan: The heat should be low and brought to a simmer. Once you see bubbles, remove them from the stove and pour the rose water through a strainer.

Put in a container: Leave the mixture in a jar for about two-three hours.

Different Ways of Using Rose Water

Here are the best ways of using rose water.

Face Mask: You can add some rose water to the face mask to get the extra hydration. Mix two tablespoons of rose water into your favorite face mask and mix it with the residual contents. Apply the face mask on your face to have a soothing effect.

Hair Mask: Rose water is great for your scalp and can do wonders for your moist locks. Spray rose water on your newly washed hair and top it up with a conditioner. It helps soothe the scalp from any crossness and can give your hair an expected shine.

Facial Toner: For every skin care lover, rose water is something they would have been looking for. They can use it as a toner for the Face. It gives a soothing effect.

Fragrance Mist: Natural fragrance is something that gives a great feeling. With its wonderful scent, rose waterworks is an inordinate substitute for natural fragrances.

Benefits of Rose Water for Skin

Some of the benefits of rose water are listed below.

Used for Calming Skin Irritation: Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce soreness, annoyance, spots, and Eczema.

Controls Excess Oil and Maintains pH Balance: Rose water has a mid pH level of 5.5 that helps to restore the skin’s natural pH, compared to regular soaps.

Highly Hydrating: Rose water is a holy treasure essential for people with dehydrated skin. It assists your skin be hydrated and moisturized. 

Heals Wounds and Scars: Rose water can also be applied to wounds and heals effectively.

Anti-aging Properties: Rose water has anti-aging properties. If applied to the skin directly for some time, it makes the skin glow.

Treats Mild Scalp Infections and Reduces Dandruff: It is found to be effective on dandruff too. You can use rose water to treat mild scalp infections.

Decreases Under-Eye Puffiness: Facing the screens of laptops and mobiles is very common today. So, to reduce the under-eye puffiness, you can use rose water.


Rose water is a natural source of so many things. You can use it for your skin, hair, dark circles, and scalp infections. The list of uses and benefits of rose water is very long. Most people believe in using natural and homemade rose water. For that purpose, you can refer to this article. We have mentioned every single detail in this article about how to make rose water at home. You can buy the ingredients and rose water from Veda Oils to have a natural and long-lasting effect. Since its inception, VedaOils have been there for the customers to have quality products. 


Q. When can you use rose water for skincare?

A. You can use it anytime for your skin care routine.

Q. For how long can you store homemade rose water?

A. You cannot store the homemade rose water for a very long time.

Q. Can all age groups people use rose water?

A. Yes, rose water is easy and safe to use by people of all age groups.

Q. Can rose water whiten skin? 

A. Yes, you can use rose water to get a brighter skin tone.


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