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Essential Oil Blends for Perfume: List & DIY

Essential Oil Blends For PerfumeThe toughest part of making your fragrance is to decide which scent you love the most. The creation of perfumes is very easy though the easiest way of making perfumes at the start is by making them with ingredients flowers. essential oils and their blends and you use the original perfume is simple. Essential oils are the best ingredients if you’re making perfume for the first time. It is also very important to have the correct balance of notes that you are going to add to your perfumes.

There are mainly 3 types of notes for adding fragrance firstly base then the top then the middle. To make your essential oil blends for perfume balanced and of the right smell, you need at least one of each note for it. Their bases are harmonious so, select essential oils blends from all of the categories but use top and middle notes less than the base comparatively.

essential oil blends for perfume

List of Best Essential Oils Blends for Perfume

  • Calming Child Essential Oil Blend

It is suggested by many aromatherapists to use this essential oil blend for perfume for feeling fresh and healthy. Calming child essential oil blend is made of lavender oil, frankincense, texas cedarwood, mandarin orange, and vetiver. They are diffused together. They give soothing to your mind and a very wonderful aroma uplift which creates relaxing and cheerful surroundings.

It calms a child's body, and gives balance to their emotions, which make them focused, calm, and happy. It reduces Severe autism in our houses drastically. This calming blend is firstly diffused and then applied to the skin. as you know this essential oil blend is formed by the above-mentioned oils. Now, let's know what each of them does.

  • Anxiety Relief Essential Oil Blend

It is scientifically proven that essential oil stimulates physical responses and sends a signal to the brain about what smell your nose is sensing. Hence aromatherapy is used as a remedy for stress and anxiety-relieving. Anxiety relief blend for perfumes has ingredients of lavender, frankincense, lemon, ylang-ylang, spearmint, and peppermint oils.

It is an excellent remedy for providing relaxation and reducing anxiety. This anxiety relief essential oil blend is invigorating as well as calming. Eventually helps in reducing tension and impatience likewise it improves mental health. By inhaling perfumes made with essential oils mixtures like ylang-ylang, and frankincense your stress level can be reduced, it can also help in reversing blood pressure, and improves heart rate. Diffuse this blend at room temperature and inhale it.

  • Good Sleep Essential Oil Blend

Essential oils are extracted by steaming and crushing plants. It is scientifically proven that sleep is affected by smell so using essential oil blend perfumes at bedtime can help in getting proper sleep. Good Sleep Essential Oil Blend is natural and quite safe as it includes Pine, Cedarwood, Lavender, and Cypress which help in treating insomnia and eventually maintain the sleep cycle.

When they are diffused together they provide a calming and natural environment and promote sleep. These essential oil blends calm your nervous system, basically due to their chemical compounds like linalyl and linalool acetate.

  • Christmas Spirit Essential Oil Blend

The blend of orange, spruce essential oils, and cinnamon is the Christmas spirit essential oil blend. It is a spicy-sweet blend. Spruce essential oil is proven to be effective in changing the mood. It enhances the happiness and security associated with the break season.

The three healing grade oils in this blend work to make the vibe a beautiful one. Orange Sweet Essential Oil is a mood booster and supports a strong immune system. Along with that cinnamon is also very helpful to the immune system. Whereas Spruce Essential Oil is basic and liberating.

  • Ambiance Blend

We all want to feel good and have a place that has the best fragrance. Sweet Ambiance is something that we all crave. Its citrusy scent can stimulate rational thinking and charming moods. Sweet Ambiance encourages cheerfulness and can seal any space with more resilience and life. It is a peppy mixture of Lemon, Ylang Ylang, Sweet Orange, Lime, and Peru Balsam. It is prepared with so much care from the topmost eminence oils.

DIY Essential Oil Blends for Perfume

When you are making a blend, the most difficult thing is to decide which scents are best. Making perfume is not as hard as deciding which ones to add. You can use unique elements like flower petals, but essential oils are the coolest route if you’re creating perfume for the first time.

Ingredients for Blends:

  • 2 tbsp carrier oil: You can use sweet almond or jojoba oil
  • 6 tbsps 100-proof alcohol
  • 2.5 tbsps bottled water
  • 30 drops of essential oils: Here keep in mind to use 9 drops of top notes with 15 drops of middle notes, and 6 drops of base notes)
  • coffee filter
  • small funnel
  • 2 clean dark-glass bottles with air-tight lids

Instructions to Blend:-

  • Firstly, pour the carrier oil into one bottle. Now, add your base, then middle and top notes. Now, you need to add the alcohol.
  • Protect the lid, and let the perfume be stagnant for 48 hours. The more time you give it, the sturdier the scent will be.
  • If you think the scent is fine now, add the bottled water. Now jiggle energetically for 1 minute. You can use the funnel to hand over your scent to the other bottle.
  • Your delighted fragrance is ready.

Pro Tips

If one thinks that one scent is more influential than the rest, add the others, then add the stoutest scent one drop at a time. When you’re content with the balance, stop it. Use bottles having spray tops, or you can use the right-size neck to be tailored with a spray top. This is done to make the application easy.


Perfume is something that we all love to wear. What if you can make your perfume that suits and defines your personality. For that, you can use essential oil blends for perfume. For buying these essential oil blends for perfume, you can refer to Veda Oils. They have the best quality and range of essential oils and essential oil blends. Please visit their website for further details and better offers.


Q: Which essential oils are there that we should never mix?

A: Thyme, clove, oregano, and cinnamon bark are some of the essential oils that should not be mixed for a blend.

Q: How many essential oils can be blended?

A: There is no limit to how many essential oils you want to mix.

Q: What scents can go best with lavender?

A: Orange, Lemongrass, Tangerine, Lime, and Mandarin, are some of the essential oils that go best with lavender.

Q: Do roses and lavender go hand in hand?

A: Lavender and rose combined will cultivate a sense of calm and elegance. They are best to be mixed.

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