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DIY Homemade Soap Making Supplies

If you prefer creating or crafting your own cosmetics, such as hair treatments or body scrub, it can be really interesting for you to make your DIY hand, bath, or decorative soap. If you appreciate handcrafted and creative items, the DIY soap making process by using homemade soap making supplies can be a delight for you. Since you can add dried flowers, essential oils, colored pigments, and fragrance oil to the soap, it can be entirely customized to your preferences and needs. 

DIY soap contains natural and fragrant ingredients that are healthy for your skin and the environment. These homemade DIY soaps make excellent gifts as personal care products. If you want you can also utilize these homemade soap making supplies for business purposes. So, let your imagination and creativity go wild by learning how to make soaps at home.

DIY Soap Making

Recipe of DIY Soap Bars using Homemade Soap Making Supplies

While most soaps on the market will do a fair job of getting you clean. DIY soaps, on the other hand, will give you a luxury bathing experience by leaving your skin feeling supple and smooth to the touch.  In this DIY soap recipe, we have blended organic melt and pour soap base, aroma oils, and dried flowers to provide you with an exotic bathing pleasure. Continue reading to make your very own wonderful soaps at home using homemade soap making supplies.

Ingredients Needed for Homemade Soap Making

Collect the following ingredients to craft your custom-made soap bars:

  • Pure Melt and pour soap base- 500 g
  • Essential oil of your choice-3 teaspoon 
  • Your favorite fragrance oil-2 teaspoons 
  • Dried flowers or herbs of your choice-2 teaspoons
  • Your Favorite coloring powder (optional)-12 teaspoon
  • Silicone Soap mould
  • Heat-resistant Bowl
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Gloves

Direction to Use: 

Step 1: Melt Shea Butter and Pour Soap Base

Using a knife, cut the Melt and Pour Soap Base into cubes of roughly 1-inches. Do not cut the Melt and Pour Soap Base into larger cubes since larger cubes will take longer to melt.

Step 2: Melt Soap Base Pieces using Double Boiler

In a double boiler, melt the cubed natural melt and pour soap base. Place the double boiler over a medium gas flame and stir with a wooden ladle every now and then. Do not place the soap base directly over a flame, since this may cause burning and the breakdown of compounds.

Step 3: Add your Preferred Essential Oil

Allow your melted soap base to cool somewhat at room temperature before adding your preferred Essential Oil. Remember to dilute your essential oils before using them in the soap recipe.

Step 4: Add your Favorite Fragrance Oil

Add your favorite Fragrance Oil to a slightly cool-downed soap base mixture. Before proceeding to the following step, thoroughly combine your melted soap base mixture.

Step 5: Combine Dried Flowers and Colored Pigments in your Soap Mixture

Add your favorite soap-making components, such as Pigment Powder and Dried Flowers to the mixture. Thoroughly mix the blend so that all the ingredients are incorporated well. 

Step 6: Pour Melted Soap Base into the Mould

Pour your personalized DIY melt and pour soap recipe mixture into the silicone molds and set aside to cool for 24 hours at room temperature.

Step 7: Remove Soap Bars from Moulds

Turn the silicone mould upside down and gently remove the soap bars with gentle and even pressure. Do not rush to remove the bars from the mould; doing so may result in the bars breaking.

Step 8: Store Your DIY Soap Bars in Glass Jars

Your DIY Homemade Soap Bars are now completely ready. Because the setting and cooling process may take several hours or days, it's best to leave them in a glass jar to keep their shape and size.

Precautions to Take While Making DIY Soaps Supplies

Although the process of preparing DIY Soap Base at home is quite engaging and interesting. But this pleasant hobby consists of activities like cutting and boiling ingredients which should be done with extreme safety and attention. So, when engaging in this intriguingly appealing DIY soap making project, keep the following considerations in mind while using homemade soap making supplies:

  • When melting melt and pour soap base, always use gloves to avoid heat and steam burns.
  • When the double boiler is put on the burner, do not touch it with your bare hands.
  • Keep hot metal utensils away from the kitchen counter.
  • While making soap bases, keep children at a safe distance.


Q: How long does DIY soap last?

A: DIY soap lasts as long as readymade soaps as it is made from completely natural substances. 

Q: How long does DIY soap take to set?

A: It takes about 24 hours for DIY soap bars to set completely. 

Q: Are handmade soaps safe?

A: Yes, Handmade soap bars are 100% safe for overall health since they contain skin-benefitting ingredients.  

Q: Is handmade soap good for the skin?

A: Yes, Handmade soaps are good for the skin since they are made from nutrient-rich essential oils, dried flowers and melt and pour soap base. All these ingredients promote skin health. 

Q: How long can handmade soap be stored?

A: Handmade soaps can stay intact for 2-3 years when stored in air-tight glass jars or containers. 

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