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How to Make Natural Wax Candles at Home

Making your own things is satisfying and gives us a nice sensation. It's also a wonderful activity to do with your kids. Natural Wax Candles are not only ideal substitutes for chemical-based candles, but they are also healthier to use.

Today, we'll show you how to make natural wax candles at home, which may be used to unwind after a long day at the office. Their aroma-therapeutic fragrance can help you relax and unwind, while their romantic scent can elevate your spirits.

Don't worry, creating candles at home is a lot easier than you might think. essential Oils and fragrance oils are ideal for creating a pleasant aroma and giving mental health advantages, as well as improving the appearance of your home.

You can experiment with different essential oils and fragrance oils to create new scents for candles, which will add diversity. Let's get started, shall we?

Organic Wax Candles

Benefit of Homemade Natural Wax Candles 

Natural homemade candles are beneficial for a variety of reasons, including being eco-friendly and chemical-free as they are made of 100% natural ingredients. Here are a few more advantages for our intrepid readers.

Natural Properties: Natural wax candles, as the name implies, are natural and do not produce any dangerous chemicals; if you make them yourself, you will understand what I mean. They are ideal for everyday use because no one wants to expose their loved ones to dangerous chemicals.

Burn Longer: The DIY candles we recommend are produced entirely of natural essential oils, which are quite potent, they burn for longer than chemical-made candles because no one knows what's in them.

Less Soot: Soot degrades the appearance of our houses and is toxic if inhaled, but burning does produce some soot, and it is always desirable to have less of it. Natural homemade candles make less soot and are also harmless owing to the use of pure essential oils.

Biodegradable: As handcrafted natural candles are fully biodegradable and do not affect our environment in any way, beeswax can be used to provide nourishment to plants and soil after usage.

How to Make Natural Wax Candles at Home: DIY Recipe

We've covered all of the benefits and reasons why you should make your own natural wax candles, but you might be wondering how to do it, so we've included an easy-to-follow DIY recipe that I personally use.


  • 500 Grams of Beeswax or any other Wax of your choice
  • 1 tablespoon Essential Oil or Fragrance Oil of your choice
  • Organic Embedding Items (such as lavender, rosemary, or pine needles) but are completely optional

Tools that are required

  • Small Candle Jars / Candle Molds
  • Candle Wicks + scissors (try using an organic wick, cotton one will work just fine as well)
  • Pencils for holding the wicks in place
  • Wooden skewer (for stirring otherwise you may get lumps)
  • Dedicated candle-making pitcher (basically any metal pitcher you use at home)
  • Pot to use as a double boiler (put a pot on heat and fill it with water, place other pot over the first, and double boiler is ready to use)
  • Gas stove or electric stove 

Optional Items That You Can Use

  • Pen + gift tags/string
  • Organic Embedding Materials (such as Christmas tree cuttings, flowers like jasmine and sage, bits from lollipops or other hard candies, coffee grounds, pearls, and so on – optional)


  • Put each wick through a wick sustainer tab (bend it around and then tie a knot in which it comes out towards the base), put in the underside of a bottle, and secure with a safety pin or a pencil laying from across top. Reserved after completing all eight jars.
  • In a double boiler at medium-high heat, liquefy the beeswax in a candle-making pot for 10 mins (electric stove suggested, as they are eco-friendly).
  • Mix in your essential oil of choice with a wooden skewer. Pour most of the wax into the jars (keeping some of those in the pitcher) and, if required, correct the wick location. As even the wax hardens, place any organic materials near the top (if desired).
  • It's possible that the beeswax will settle all around the wick until it's totally hardened. To cover the gaps, merely warm the leftover wax (adding additional embed items if you wish). Filling further than the gap, together with all way to the ends, for a single smooth surface, looks superior. Allow to cool until hardened, then trim the wick and it's ready to give or use!

How to Use

Homemade natural wax candles have great scents and can be used to beautify your home as well as for therapeutic purposes. The essential oils that you put in them have medicinal properties that can help you live a healthier lifestyle.

And, because these candles are beneficial to both health and decoration, they are the ideal gift to give to your loved ones, as they will clearly demonstrate how much you care. A homemade gift warms the hearts of those who receive it.

Useful Note

There is a helpful tip for our dear readers: since we are going for eco-friendly natural candles, try using leftover items from your homes, such as a pot you usually use or a glass bottle that you throw away; these tricks are both environmentally and wallet-friendly.


Natural wax candles are fantastic for improving the overall aesthetic of a home, they provide a comfortable, warm sensation while also providing aromatherapy and mood replenishment.

And, speaking from my experience, it's a great present to give to someone important. Making candles and soap altered my life since they calmed my nerves, and now I treat them as a pastime, perhaps you can do the same, and you might even be able to start a little business with them, optimistic thinking.

To make your pure ingredient hunts simpler try VedaOils for 100% natural waxes for candle making. We hope you enjoy the recipe and try it at home, we are confident you will. Stay safe!


Q: What makes a candle all-natural?

A: Convert to beeswax or vegetable-based wax candles to eliminate a few of the chemicals often present in candles. As long as the candles are entirely made of beeswax or vegetable wax and not a blend, they are completely non-toxic and natural. You should also look for a candle with a cotton wick.

Q: How do you make homemade candles stronger?

A: Use the suggested fragrance oil proportion for the wax you're using. You can use weight to measure essential or fragrance oil rather than spoons. At 185°F which is 85°C, add the fragrance oil and mix softly but completely with the melted wax. Making a few of them will give you a feel of things.

Q: What to avoid when making candles?

A: When burning aromatherapy candles made of paraffin, a petroleum byproduct, carcinogenic soot is released. Soot can cause respiratory issues and increase the symptoms of those who already have asthma, lung disease, or heart disease. Try VedaOils 100% Natural Waxes.

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