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How to Start Your Candle Making Business from Home

If you are an entrepreneur waiting for a magical idea, here is a splendid business plan for you. The candle-making business has been flourishing a lot in the present time. Selling homemade candles is a good option to make money with very less investment. The idea of candle making business is very hot and practically strong for even a new professional.

It is quite easy for an enthusiastic person to learn candle-making. This business doesn’t need hefty machinery or very great investment. You only require a candle making business kit having raw materials such as wax and wicks which makes the candle business an ideal plan for a person who wants a cottage industry-type entrepreneur.

The demand for handmade products is very common nowadays. Hence people love the candles made in homes and the candle making business will work. Candles also have religious importance as well as being used in parties, restaurants, and many events for decoration. 

Candle Making Business

How Beneficial is Candle Making Business?

The candle business has several benefits, some of the common ones are listed below

  • Prosperous and high-demand market: You might not be aware of the fact that 70 percent of the people in the US use homemade candles. People nowadays just love quality products made at home. They support local businesses. You should have just a unique idea.
  • Low capital requirements: Ideally, one candle costs around $2 to $3 to be ready, but you can easily sell it for a minimum of $9 or even more. Some candles may require pricier constituents than other candles made at home. Entrepreneurs can easily create their products with little money.
  • Homemade candles are easy to sell: Candle making and selling are quite easy online as well as offline. Candles are easy to carry so you can travel to local markets, craft fairs to sell them, or can pack and deliver them to homes directly.
  • An adaptable craft to learn: Whether you are a master of candle making or a new one who is interested to learn, the recipe for making candles is very easy and the formula for making is simple.
  • Easy to customize: There are many types of candles in the market. You can easily take any idea according to your budget, personalize it for your brand and compete with your business rivals directly.

Steps for Starting Your Candle Business

Your business structure and its objective are changeable with time. There are a few steps you can follow to start a candle making business.

  • STEP 1- Generate your business pitch: Create your business elevation by telling customers to whom you are delivering your product and what are you bringing to them in one sentence, a single sentence that can describe your candle-making business completely.
  • STEP 2- Describe which market you are targeting: For building your brand you should know which market you have to target and where your candles are fit for like whether it is adaptable in the mass market as if candles are affordable and easy to find at retail shops in economical packaging and containers with a fragrance of vanilla or pine in price range: $5 to $8. Or in a mid-market like candles are found in boutiques or gift shops or local markets with higher packaging quality and unique fragrances with a price range of $9 to $14.
  • STEP 3- Find the uniqueness of your candles: when you know your marketplace for selling candles you should know how to make your brand unique either by their fragrance or packaging or by using attractive names of candles 
  • STEP 4- Have a splendid and different brand name for your candle business: cleverly decide the brand name and identity of your business its color scheme, logo 
  • STEP 5- Make a normal budget for starting a candle business: at least create a budget for two months of your startup, an estimate of equipment and cost of supplies.
  • STEP 6- Make a basic product line and price: it is awesome to have a manageable and small product line initially. You just have to think about which type of candle is most liked by your friends, neighbor and you will get a basic idea of what product you have to bring to the market. According to the product line, determine your cost and time needed.

How to Make Candles at Home?

Candles bring fragrance and light to your home. There are many ways to make candles at home, to start you just need some wax, a wick, and a candle mold of any color and fragrance. If you are starting a candle business then these are the steps that you need to know for making candles.

Items Required for candle making:

  • candle-making soy wax package
  • candle wicks package
  • fragrance oil bottle
  • spatula
  • heat-proof container for the candle
  • One double boiler
  • thermometer
  • chopsticks or pencils pair

 Step 1: Wax Measurement for candle making 

Before starting the candle-making process, just be sure to have a flat, clean surface on which you can work. You can even cover the area with a paper towel or newspaper. Firstly measure how much wax is required to fill a container and then double it.

Step 2: Melt the wax for candles

Pour down the wax in a double boiler and then melt it for 15 to 20 minutes on string frequency.

Step 3: Mix oil for a fragrance of candles

After the melting of candle wax, pour some fragrance oil into it by following the instructions given on your wax package. Simply mix it with melted wax and stir it. The fragrance adding process is not a compulsion but it is a good way of making candles floral.

Step 4: Attach the wick to the container

Before pouring the wax, attach the wick to the container by dipping the wick in melting wax, and sticking it in the container’s bottom quickly. Then wait for 5 minutes to get the wax to harden 

Step 5: Move the wax into the container

Measure the wax temperature firstly after colliding it, if the temperature is 140 degrees or below then slowly pour the wax into the container.

Step 6: Secure wick properly

To avoid tilting your wick you have to secure it in a proper place in a container for that lay down two chopsticks on the top of the container then put the wick in between the chopstick so that the wicks stay in the center properly when the war is in the process of becoming the harder. Then leave the wax for four hours at room temperature to settle down.

Step 7: Add extra wax for candle making

You need to add more wax to the container if you find any cracks or holes in the wax after becoming solid. Just reheat the wax which remained and add it, and then simply leave it to get hardened.

Step 8: Cut the candle wick half of an inch long. If after lighting the candle flickers, trim the wick.


The demand for handmade products is very common nowadays. People love the candles made in homes as it is natural and affordable. Candle making business is a great idea for a new start-up project. You can use a candle making kit of Veda oils for better results as they are purely organic and Veda Oils also provide exclusive offers and discounts. For more details visit their website.   


Q. How do we make long-burning candles?

A. For long Burning candles use soy wax

Q. Is it possible to color candles with melted crayons?

A. Yes, you can use melted crayons as they are also a type of wax only.

Q. Can we put some essential oil for fragrance?

A. Yes, you can use any essential oil, the best suited is lavender, orange, and mint.

Q. Can I make a new candle by using old wax?

A. Yes, you can use it as a new wax for candle making, putting some scent will make your candle more attractive.

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