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Natural Soap Colorants: How to Use Them?

The use of natural colorant powders in soaps can provide a plethora of creative possibilities. Pigments are a highly versatile substance that can be used to incorporate in a variety of soaps like melt and pour soap, shampoo, detergents, liquid soaps, etc. Natural Soap Colorants are popular for artists and hobbyists looking to add a creative touch to their soaps. In addition, these powders are made out of the most natural ingredients, making them extremely safe to use and non-toxic.

How to use Soap Colorants

These natural soap colorants rich and vivid colors are extremely versatile since they make things appear appealing and exciting. Natural powder colorants add vibrant, glossy, subtle, and pastel tones for handmade soap. Some of them add a shimmering sheen to your soaps, while others add a subtle color. Aside from handmade soap, colorant powder has a wide range of uses, including cosmetics, medical supplies, body care products, health and wellbeing items, and creative materials. Follow the instructions described below to utilize soap colorants in your handmade soaps.

How to Use Natural Soap Colorants for Handmade Soaps?

While color is just a cosmetic component of soap, it provides interest and variation, allowing you to express your creative skills. To make colorful handmade soap, natural soap colorants can be incorporated into the oil or water so that it mixes easily with the soap base. Here are the two recipes of using soap colorant in melt and pour soap and liquid soap:

Handmade Colored Melt and Pour Soap

    Handmade Colored Melt and Pour Soap

    Making your own colored melt and pour soap allows you to express your creativity and imagination. To make these DIY homemade colored soaps, you may use soap colorants in whatever way you like. Follow the instructions below to utilize these color powders in soap:

    Ingredients Needed:

    Direction To Use:

    • Cut the soap base into small cubes. Melt the soap base in a double boiler over low to medium heat.
    • Stir the soap base until it is totally melted.
    • After the soap base has been melted, combine the essential oils into the mixture.
    • Mix 1 tablespoon of glycerin and ½ teaspoon together. 
    • Add the colored pigment and glycerin mixture to a mixing bowl and thoroughly combine.
    • Carefully pour the soap base into the mould.
    • Allow the soap to dry fully before demoulding it.
    • Carefully pop out the soaps from the mould.

    Handmade Colored Liquid Soap

      Handmade Liquid Soap

      Soap colorant can be used to impart a vivid and colorful color to liquid soaps. These Sulfate Free Body Wash have lovely, Vibrant, eye-catching hues that distinguish your Liquid soap from the other soaps. The beautiful appearance of this soap provides a luxurious bathing experience. 

      Ingredients Needed:

      Direction To Use:

      • In a mixing bowl, add the liquid soap base and essential oil. 
      • Mix 1 tablespoon of glycerin and ½ teaspoon together. 
      • Add the colored pigment and glycerin mixture to a mixing bowl and thoroughly combine.
      • Pour the soap mixture into an empty container or bottle. 
      • Give it a thorough shake before using.


      Making your own colored soap can be a lot of fun and a wonderful way to create one-of-a-kind bath products. You can pick the colors that go into your soap and then customize them as per your creativity. Natural soap colorants enhance the appearance of handcrafted soap. When it comes to soap manufacture, they are highly stable and are suitable for practically any type of soap, including hot process soap, cold process soap, liquid soap, and melt and pour soap. These pigment colorants are quite inexpensive and come in a variety of colors. If you want to get the highest quality soap colorants, hop over to VedaOils US. The soap colorants at VedaOils are absolutely devoid of toxins and chemicals, as well as completely safe for the skin.


      Q: Are soap colorants safe?

      A: Yes, soap colorants are 100% safe for the skin as they are being made without the use of chemicals and synthetic additives. Also, because they are obtained from natural resources, you can use soap colorants in any type of soap. 

      Q: Does soap colorants stain the skin?

      A: No, soap colorants do not stain the skin in any way as they are 100% blotch or stain proof. So you can easily use these colorants for making soaps for the skin. 

      Q: Do soap colorants work for candles?

      A: Yes, you can easily use natural soap colorants for candle making as they provide a vibrant and bright hue to handmade candles. These colorants do not interfere with the burning of candles in any way. 

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