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How to Use Soy Wax for Candle Making

When it comes to candle buying, the perfume and fragrance should not be the sole consideration. Candles can be manufactured from a number of waxes, each with its own set of qualities that influence performance. Soy Wax for Candle Making, Paraffin Wax, Palm Wax, and Granulated Wax, to name a few, can all be used to make candles. All of the candles that I made are made with 100 percent soy wax, which is just one of my secrets that I am sharing with you.

Full hydrogenation of soybean oil produces a triglyceride with a high concentration of stearic acid, which is used to make soy wax.

Soy wax for candles is sometimes touted as a superior wax to paraffin, although there is little difference between the two in terms of soot formation and carcinogenic chemicals emitted. In temperate climates, the low melting point translates to cooler-burning, longer-lasting candles.  Paraffin is commonly used to create a soy mix,' which improves smell throw and works better in warm temperatures.

It also creates a larger pool of liquid wax, which aids in the dissemination of еntаl scents into the atmosphere. In contrast to paraffin, which is not recyclable, soy wax is 100 percent biodegradable.

Soy Wax for Candle

Benefits of Soy Wax for Candle Making

Soy wax, which is made from soybean oil, has a plethora of advantages. However, we have put together a few perks of using soy wax for candle making for our great readers.

  • 100% Natural!

Soy candles are created from soybeans, which are a natural, renewable resource that can be grown in a variety of climates. Ordinary paraffin candles, on the other hand, are made of petroleum. Petroleum is a nonrenewable resource that includes carcinogens that are hazardous to our health. Organic soy wax is a much safer alternative to paraffin wax.

  • Cleaner Burning

Soy candles are much less probable to provoke allergies because they contain no chemicals, carcinogens, or pollution. Soy wax is far better for both humans and the environment. This environmentally friendly material does not release any harmful substances into the atmosphere.

  • Longer Lasting

The melting temperature of soy wax for candle making is lower than that of paraffin wax. As a result, soy wax candles burn cooler and last longer than paraffin candles. You can enjoy delightful scents for much longer with a longer candle life.

  • Stronger Smelling

The wax pool surrounding the wick emits the aroma of a candle into the atmosphere. Since soy wax has a lower viscosity than paraffin, there is typically a bigger pool from around the wick, culminating in a considerably richer and wonderful scent.

  • Biodegradable and Water-Soluble

Soy wax is naturally biodegradable because soybeans are a vegetable. Accidental spills are easier to clean up as a result of this.

DIY Recipe of Soy Wax Candle


  • 150 grams (16 ounces) of Soy Wax
  • 500 grams of Color Block (I prefer Gold coloring)
  • 30 ml of fragrance oil (I always choose Royal Rose or Lavender Fragrance Oil)
  • Wick stickum (As many you required)
  • Pre-tabbed wick (As many you required)
  • Glass Jar (You can use a small jam jar, it will help in both recycling and saving money)


a. Melt 150 grams (16 ounces) of Soy wax in a double boiler. Preheat the wax to 85 ℃. (To prevent "pull away," pre-heat your glass Jar to around 25 ℃.)

b. Cut the metallic gold coloring block into two pieces and swirl it into the heated soy wax. Consider adding the coloring block at a little higher temperature if you observe little spots of solid color in the base of your candles.

c. To add the scent. Pour around 30 ml of Rose Fragrance Oil or Lavender Fragrance Oil into your soy wax. Take off the heat after thoroughly stirring in the aroma. Allowing fragranced wax to continue to heat will cause the fragrance to dissipate.

d. Put a wick stickum on the base of the pre-tabbed wick and position it within the glass Container while the wax cools. Carry on with the other jars in the same manner. There will be some wax left over. It can be used in smaller containers, such as tealights, or saved for a future batch.

e. When the wax has cooled to 35℃ slowly pour the soy wax into the two jars.
Put the wick strip on top of the container, with the middle peak facing up. Pull the wick tight and gently press it into the wick bar's opening. Whereas the candle cools, this will keep the wick straight and in the middle.

f. Allow the candles to cool at room temperature for 24-30 hours for optimal effects.

g. Upon igniting, trim the wick to 1 cm (repeat this every time when you light your candle to improve the candle’s life ) and appreciate your candle.

Different Ways to Use Soy Wax Candles

These soy wax candles may be used for a variety of purposes. Since they are healthy, these could be used for aromatherapy and to help you feel refreshed. They also make a great present for friends, family, and even someone special.

These soy wax candles are better for the environment, and you might discover a new pastime making them. We enjoy making candles, soaps, and other DIY recipes thus providing these amazing recipes to our dear readers.


Candle making is a wonderful hobby that you will like once you try it. When looking for wax, soy is a healthy alternative, and adding a few drops of essential oils or fragrance oils will increase the mental health benefit tenfold. These oils enhances the overall aroma of candles and help improve the feel of your home.

If you enjoy creating candles and want to make your own personalized one, you can purchase high quality soy wax as well as other candle supplies from VedaOils, a one stop solution to all your candle making needs.


Q: How long do you candle soy wax sit before burning?

A: When lighting the candle, the first step to do is to pause. A paraffin-based candle should be burned for at least 24 hours, while a soy-based candle should be burned for over a week.

Q: What happens if you add too much fragrance to soy wax?

A: If your fragrance loading is too great, the fire can burn off any extra oil that couldn't mix with the wax, resulting in thicker-than-normal, dark smoke.

Q: What makes soy candles better?

A: It is made by extracting the waxy material from non-renewable crude oil. Soy wax for candle making generally burns slower than paraffin wax, resulting in a longer-lasting candle. While all candles produce some black soot when they burn, soy wax burns cleanly and produces little soot than paraffin wax.

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