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5 Benefits of Carrot Seed Oil for Skin Care: How to Use

Carrot Seed Oil for Skin: Vitamin-rich carrot seed oil can improve your skin in a variety of ways. Carrot oil is a great moisturizer for dry, sensitive, or acne-prone skin. Carrot seed oil has a lot of vitamin A and carotenoids, which brighten your skin naturally. It also contains a lot of antioxidants, which are good for facial oils and help to prevent skin aging.

Carrot oil is an excellent skincare component. This natural plant oil, which is underestimated, provides numerous health advantages for your skin, body, and hair. You should try it out if you haven't already. The five carrot seed oil benefits for skin are stated below along with how to use it.

carrot seed oil for skin

5 Carrot Seed Oil Benefits for Skin

Carrot seed oil is extremely helpful and has a wide range of applications and benefits. Because describing all the advantages of carrot seed oil for skin would be impossible, we've compiled a list of the top 5.

  • For Aged Skin, A Potent Antioxidant

Beta carotene is abundant in carrot oil. Beta-carotene is an antioxidant that aids in the slowing of the aging process. Carrots get their brilliant orange color from the same chemical that gives them their color. Antioxidants are required for the body's free radical-damaged cells and tissues to be repaired.

Free radicals are the atoms of an unstable acceptor that make up your body. These free radicals will cause damage to cells until they come into contact with an atom containing a full orbit of electrons. When they do link, oxidative stress develops, leading to more cell and tissue death. Damaged cells increase your risk of disease and speed up the aging process. Antioxidant is one of the carrot seed oil benefits which admires most.

  • Calming Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Carrot seed oil for skin has anti-inflammatory properties due to vitamin E's soothing properties. These benefits alleviate most types of facial and scalp irritation, including sunburn, dry skin, and acne. Carrot oil's anti-inflammatory properties are aided by the presence of linoleic acid, which helps to calm and relieve irritated skin.

  • Radiance Cell Regeneration

Beta-carotene and vitamin A, both of which help cell regeneration, are abundant in carrot oil. When carrot oil is applied to the skin, the effects are most effective. Antioxidants speed up cell regeneration and turnover. Radiance cell regeneration is one of the carrot seed oil benefits which helps to provide healthier and younger skin.

The younger, healthier skin cells will climb to the surface throughout this process. Your skin will appear healthier and younger as a result.

  • Acne Treatment With Antibacterial Properties

Do you have acne or pimples that won't go away? Carrot oil's antimicrobial qualities can aid acne treatment. It's one of the most effective plant-based skin oils for acne prevention and treatment. Acne Treatment is one of the influential carrot seed oil benefits, it promotes clear and natural skin.

When a pore acquires clogged with your natural skin oils, pimples and acne appear. Bacteria can thrive if your capillaries can't get the oil and other substances out, inflaming the hole and causing a bright red pimple to grow. Applying a small amount of carrot oil to the skin will help reduce acne irritation and prevent outbreaks.

  • Dry Skin Moisturizer

Your skin takes a hammering in the winter. Because of the lack of moisture in the air, the cold air makes your skin more prone to dryness. Carrot oil moisturizes your skin in a natural, effective, and safe way. One of the reasons we enjoy our Daily Prep Facial Oil is that it keeps our skin moisturized in severe climates and cold conditions.

Carrot oil moisturizes your skin from the inside out, not simply on the surface. Carrot oil does not clog pores or make your face greasy. It keeps the right amount of moisture in the skin while preventing clogged pores.

How to Use Carrot Seed Oil for Skin

Carrot seed oil is easy to incorporate into any homemade skincare recipe, as we've shown in the examples below. Take a look at how.

  • As An Exfoliant

  • Carrot seed essential oil is a great addition to a natural facial exfoliant that cleans pores while also removing dead skin cells.


    Virgin Coconut Oil - 2 Tablespoons

    Honey - 2 Teaspoons

    Coffee Powder - 4 Tablespoons

    Carrot Seed Essential Oil - 8 Drops

    Tea Tree Essential Oil - 6 Drops


    • Pour 2 tablespoons coconut oil and 2 teaspoons of honey into a mixing bowl.
    • Add 4 teaspoons of organic coffee grounds to this, then blend everything.
    • Mix everything until you have a smooth paste that looks elderly.
    • Using lukewarm water, wet your face.
    • Apply the mixture to your face and rub gently in a circular motion for 5 minutes before rinsing with cold water.
  • As A Face Mask

  • For a clay face mask that revitalizes, hydrates, and keeps the skin from harm.


    Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Earth) - 1 Tablespoon

    Aloe Vera Gel - 1 Tablespoon

    Carrot Seed Essential Oil - 2 Drop


    • Apply the mask to the face with a face mask brush, avoiding the eye area.
    • Allow the mask to sit for at least 15-20 minutes, but 30 minutes is best.
    • Once the combination starts to feel tight, wash it off and rinse it with cold water.
    • Moisturize your skin.

    Precautions While Using the Carrot Seed Oil for the First Time

    • As with all essential oils, dilute carrot seed oil with a carrier oil before applying it to your skin. You should also stay away from it.
    • Carrot seed oil for skin is regarded as safe for external usage. However, unprocessed carrot seed oil must never be applied directly to the skin since it might cause irritation, redness, and burning.
    • Before applying, try diluted carrot seed oil on a small patch of skin and left it overnight to see if any reaction arises.
    • When exposed to sunshine and heat, beta-carotene can quickly oxidize, causing skin discoloration and pain. As a result, it is suggested that carrot seed oil be used as part of an evening ritual.


    Carrot seed oil for skin is a potent anti-aging substance derived from small, dried carrot seeds. About 40% of this oil is made up of carotenoids, a bright orange color that is an antioxidant powerhouse. The outer layer of the skin absorbs carotenoids very well, making this substance much more potent. Visit get your hands on some 100 percent pure carrot seed oil, and go to


    Q. Does carrot oil have side effects?

    A. Although carrot seed oil has no known adverse effects, it should be strictly avoided. Children with delicate skin should avoid carrot seed oil since it can create severe allergies in their bodies. In the case of minors, it is critical to take this precaution.

    Q. Can carrot seed oil be applied directly to the skin?

    A. Carrot Seed Oil can be treated topically after dilution in cosmetic applications to treat and prevent additional skin damage. Simply combine 3-5 drops of Carrot Seed Essential Oil with 1 teaspoon of your favorite carrier oil. Safflower and coconut carrier oils are recommended.

    Q. How long does it take for carrot oil to lighten the skin?

    A. The color of the carrier oil will begin to shift to the orange/yellow color of carrots after shaking every two days, while the carrots will fade in color. When your carrot oil is ready, strain it through a strainer and keep it in a clean storage container for one to two weeks.

    Q. How long can carrot oil last?

    A. Label the oil and keep it refrigerated in a glass mason jar until ready to use. If properly preserved, it will last 6-8 months.

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