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5 Effective Essential Oils for Psoriasis : How to Treat?

There are a lot of skin problems that a human being goes through time and time again. The reason for such problems to occur is mainly due to environmental changes and impurities present in the air. Psoriasis is a skin disease which causes a severe rash with itchiness commonly on knees, elbows and scalp.

The problem of psoriasis is not that easy to cure. A lot of people invest in heavy medications which even lead to other side effects. It's better to go all natural in combating such rashes. Essential oils for psoriasis are the best remedies to cure itchiness very fast. Let’s know more about these below in the blog. 

What Causes Psoriasis? 

Psoriasis can happen anywhere on the body. The rashes may occur even on the eyelids, lips, ears, hands, feet, nails and skin folds. Infact, psoriasis plaques and scales may occur in more than one location on the body. The triggers of psoriasis include infections, cold and stress. Sometimes the rash involves nails and joints too. In this blog we will going to discuss about most effective essential oils for psoriasis treatment and to overcome all the stages of it.

Stress is one such biggest cause for psoriasis flare. It makes itching worse. It is advisable for the people dealing with psoriasis to manage their stress levels. Lets know more about the psoriasis treatment using essential oils below. 

Essential Oils for Psoriasis

Top 5 Essential Oils for Psoriasis Treatment

  • Oregano Essential Oil for Psoriasis

Oregano essential oil is a very stronger antifungal essential oil than all other chemically made products used to get rid of psoriasis rashes. The oil can inhibit and treat fungal skin infections very fast. The oil kills bacteria and fungus causing rashes on the skin and combats all the unwanted itchiness instantly after use. 

  • Tea Tree Essential Oil for Psoriasis

Tea tree oil is a popular essential oil that helps in killing the airborne impurities causing itchiness of different types. The oil has anti-inflammatory properties and is antiseptic in nature to kill fungus. This helps in effectively working on improvising redness and rashes caused by psoriasis. Tea tree oil helps in combating viruses and bacterial infections in any part of the body. Tea tree oil is one of the best essential oils for psoriasis, it helps to kill the airborne impurities causing itchiness.

  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil for Psoriasis

Eucalyptus oil is an amazing oil to naturally treat psoriasis and is a great way to cure skin infections. The oil helps in combating rashes and reduces itchiness. The oil is antimicrobial and kills impurities very fast. The oil has a wonderful smell that refreshes and calms the pain. Simply apply the eucalyptus oil to the affected areas of psoriasis for best results. 

  • Lavender Essential Oil for Psoriasis

Lavender essential oil has an amazing smell of fresh lavender. It is one of the most effective oils used by people to cure skin conditions. The oil is effective on inflammation caused by psoriasis and reduces itchiness. Lavender oil fights against fungus and calms skin affected by fungus. Lavender oil is antifungal and soothes redness and itchiness quickly. For quickly treatment of redness and itchiness go for lavender oils and you can also use lavender essential oils for psoriasis treatment.

  • Peppermint Essential Oil for Psoriasis

Peppermint oil is a minty herb that provides a refreshing sensation to itchiness on the skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of the oil relieve pain and irritations of all kinds caused by psoriasis. The oil works great on swellings, itchiness, and allergic reactions on different parts of the body. The minty sensation of the oil helps in combating itchiness and provides instant pain relief. 

How to Treat Psoriasis Rashes with the help of Essential Oils

There are some easy ways to treat the problem of psoriasis at home, simply you can prepare natural essential oils blends ,ointment and spray to calm the rashes and itchiness on the skin caused due to psoriasis. The ways include all-natural ingredients along with quantities of essential oils too to get rid of rashes and redness instantly. Now, you have known about best essential oils for psoriasis, read continuously to know how to use it.The recipes below are really helpful and you will definitely want to share them with others. Let's check them out below. 

1- Essential Oils Blend


  • 4 drops of eucalyptus essential oil
  • 2 drops of oregano oil
  • Few drops of coconut oil

Recipe and How to Use

In a bowl, add 4 drops of eucalyptus and 2 drops of oregano essential oils. Mix the oils together and then add a few drops of carrier oil such as coconut oil. Apply the mixture with a cotton swab to the affected area of psoriasis to calm the itchiness fast. 


To make psoriasis ointment-


  • ½ cup of beeswax
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 15-20 drops of eucalyptus essential oil

Recipe and How to Use

At first, melt the beeswax and coconut oil together. Stir the mixture well and let it cool down for some time. Once the mixture cools down then add 15 to 20 drops of eucalyptus essential oil of your choice be it lavender, oregano, or eucalyptus. Then, blend the mixture well together and store it under cool temperatures. Always mix or shake the ingredients well before use. These are the ideal mixture of essential oils for psoriasis treatment.

The ointment is suitable for all skin types. Apply the ointment on the skin where you’re feeling the itchiness and rashes then observe the best instant results. The ointment relieves pain as well. 

3- Other Essential Oils Blend Recipe


  • 4 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 3 drops of peppermint oil 
  • Few drops of sweet almond oil


In a bowl, add 4 drops of lavender and 3 drops of peppermint essential oils. Mix the oils together and then add a few drops of carrier oil such as sweet almond oil. Apply the mixture with a cotton swab to the affected area of psoriasis to calm the itchiness immediately. 



  • ½ cup of witch hazel
  • 1 cup of water
  • 10-15 drops of tea tree essential oil
  • 1 spray bottle

Recipe and How to Use

To create a homemade psoriasis rash homemade spray at first, add equal amounts of witch hazel and then add a double quantity of water. Mix the mixture well and then add 10 to 15 drops of tea tree essential oil. Pour the overall mixture into a spray bottle and shake it thoroughly.

Afterward, the spray is ready to use. The essential oils should be evenly distributed throughout the spray bottle for best results. Spray the mixture on the rashes caused due to psoriasis to combat itchiness immediately.


There are various vital ways to combat rashes caused due to psoriasis. This condition can be easily cured with the help of essential oils. The essential oils help in reducing itchiness and redness on the skin very fast. The symptoms of psoriasis can be really painful and the oils help to relieve such pain easily without any side effects. Read the whole article to know the best essential oils for psoriasis treatment.

Vedaoils has a complete range of essential oils that are quite useful and have an amazing smell to combat pain and itchiness caused due to psoriasis. Vedaoils is a brand of value and provides sprays and ointments to calm psoriasis symptoms. Try essential oils of the best quality today. 


Q1. Are Essential Oils safe for the Skin?

A: Yes, they are absolutely safe and have no side effects. You may use them for instant pain relief and combat rashes caused due to psoriasis.

Q2. Which is the best Essential Oils for Psoriasis?

A: Oregano, peppermint, and lavender are the best essential oils to calm skin rashes and itchiness caused due to psoriasis. 

Q3. Can Essential Oils immediately calm Itchiness?

A: Yes. essential oils when sprayed or applied on the affected areas of psoriasis can immediately calm itchiness and redness. Using them more often in a day will give you the best results.

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