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5 Best Carrier Oils for Stronger Hair

One of the best advantages of carrier oils is that you can use them in combination with essential oils and boost other manufactured goods. That adaptability makes these fatty-acid-based liquids perfect for crafting beauty products and used for hair treatments at home. The world of carrier oils is enormous, so you should go for a patch test before using it to get information about its positive and negative reactions to your body and scalp.

If possible, choose carrier oils for hair growth that is cold-pressed as this processing makes sure that the liquid remains pure and the nutrients and remedial benefits stay intact. Use carrier oil which is 100% pure and organic. Use carrier oil according to your hair needs and suitability. They all are natural oils but choose the best fit according to your hair texture. They have different properties and ingredients.

Carrier oils for hair

List Of Carrier Oils for Hair Growth 

  • Argan Oil 

Argan Oil

This carrier oil for hair is extracted from the Moroccan argan tree, argan oil is very rich in antioxidants, like vitamin E, and as it is cold-pressed, it retains more of the nutrients during the extraction process. It's also filled with moisturizing linoleic and oleic fatty acids, which eventually protect against hair damage that occurs due to styling tools and UV rays. It is a comparatively light oil having small molecules in it so it penetrates very well and deeply in hair, so it is used for hair conditioning of any texture of hair.

  • Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet Almond Oil

Almond oil is great for the skin and hair. It has the very best content of natural vitamin E and is rich in fatty acids, proteins, and antioxidants, alongside magnesium, which reduces hair breakage and helps it grow. It is recommended for application on your hair and skin for the betterment of dry skin and hair. It also moisturizes and protects against hair loss and breakage. It is one of the simplest oils for fast hair growth from the list of carrier oils.

Avocado Oil

  • Avocado Oil 

Avocado oil is a very useful carrier oil for cooking flavorful and healthy meals. It is an excellent source of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. But have you ever considered using this delicious fruit to appease and heal your hair? The absorbent oil is assumed to possess numerous benefits for your hair, like moisturizing dry scalp or acting as a natural conditioner. You can apply avocado oil directly to your hair or mix it with your favorite beauty products.

Amla Oil

  • Amla Oil

Phyllanthus Emblica is the scientific name given to amla oil. It originated and was broadly used in India from ancient times. Homemade Amla oil is made by immersing the gooseberry or amla fruit in vegetable oil. Nowadays pollution and regular use of hair products are damaging and are making hair dull. Amla Hair Oil protects hair and strengthens your hair, boosts hair growth, and prevents premature graying. This carrier oil for hair moisturizes your scalp gives your hair healthy and glowing tresses. Amla Oil is one of the influential oil for hair in the list of carrier oils. 

Ashwagandha Oil

  • Ashwagandha Oil

Ayurveda, the traditional healing therapy from India, has been using Ashwagandha to heal numerous ailments naturally. The same is true for Ashwagandha volatile oil. This oil springs from the herb and is equally potent. It has a relaxing effect and its use offers relief from numerous health problems including headache, hypertension, body ache, palpitations, and insomnia. This oil is essentially derived from the basis of the Ashwagandha plant.  

Benefits of Carrier Oils for Hair Growth 

  • Carrier oils for hair Growth are natural emollients, so they soften and condition hair and have the ability to promote hair growth.
  • Using oils topically on your hair smooths the hair cuticle so hair becomes smoother and reduces frizz.
  • Carrier oils for hair add luster and shine. For curly hair, they help define curl patterns.
  • Carrier oil for hair is enriched with vitamins C and E. These vitamins help in flighting from free radicals and prevent hair from getting weak and reduce discoloration of hair. They also have moisturizing oleic acid as well as keratin-boosting zinc, which are fantastic for conditioning and strengthening hair great for strengthening and conditioning hair.
  • Using carrier oils for hair creates a short-lived barrier on the surface of the hair to guard our hair from pollution, dust, and styling products.
  • Some carrier oils for a hair reduce your hair’s porosity, which helps reduce damage and prevents breakage.
  • Oils can penetrate the hair shaft to block water from entering, which can cause frizzy or dull hair. These carrier oils help to prevent split ends and seal ends too. It is also used in the treatment of dandruff and dry scalps.
  • Certain carrier oils for hair soothe an irritated scalp or reduce flakes on your scalp.
  • Carrier oils contain vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and antioxidants which will nourish your scalp.
  • Carrier oils for hair are the simplest oils for hair health depending on your hair’s needs. Some oils are better fitted to dry hair or damaged hair, but others are better for greasy hair. 


There are many carrier oils anyone can use to enhance hair growth. These oils are ingredients in a lot of products, including special shampoos and conditioners. It is best to apply carrier oils before going to sleep at night so that your hair will not expose to the sun after immediate use of oil carrier oils. The person isn't immediately exposed to the sun after use.

If you are also going to buy oils for hair growth then Veda Oils are the most recommended ones. You can visit their website for exclusive offers and a variety of carrier oils. They have a list of carrier oils with quality natural ingredients as per your choice and requirement. Check their website to possess a deep understanding of their products. Get the best skin and hair care products.


Q1 Can we use a carrier oil for hair treatments?

A. Carrier oils can benefit your hair and scalp once you use them in hair care products. Carrier oils are often added to shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, styling products, or serums.

Q2 Can Ashwagandha oil be beneficial for facial hair?

A.  Ashwagandha is often beneficial for beard growth because it's been shown to extend testosterone levels when taken regularly. The more testosterone your body produces, the faster you'll grow facial hair.

Q3 Can Amla help in removing oil from hair?

A. Yes, but Amla or Indian gooseberry not just flies the grease, it also darkens hair color and adds shine and bounce to your tresses.

Q4 Are Essential oil and carrier oil different?

A. The main difference between carrier oil and essential oil is that carrier oil is often directly used on the skin while essential oil can't be directly used on the skin.

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