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10 Best Carrier Oils for Massage

Massage therapy has indeed been demonstrated to lower insulin levels and boost tryptophan levels in the blood, making you feel calmer. Massage oil mixes commonly include best carrier oils and essential oils to create a calming effect that is ideal for unwinding after a long week at work or university. 

This article will go over a few different Carrier Oils and how to use them during your massage treatment.  Make absolutely sure to get one of the 10 best carrier oils for massage next time you give yourselves a massage treatment, which you should do as soon as possible. Since we all understand that nothing beats having a full-body massage from top to bottom.

Carrier Oils for Massage

What Are Carrier Oils?

Vegetable oil derived from the liquid component of a plant, typically seeds, nuts, or husks, is known as a carrier oil. Every carrier oil offers a unique set of health advantages and therapeutic characteristics. The carrier oil selected will be determined by the benefit or feature sought.

10 Best Carrier Oils for Massage

For your convenience, we've compiled a list of carrier oils and their benefits for your massage session. Keep in mind that utilizing these oils on a regular basis gives unrivaled health benefits.

  • Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil has been used in the Indian subcontinent for millennia, and its nourishing benefits are unrivaled. This oil, extracted from the meat of the coconut, is high in antioxidants and vitamins A, E, and Oleic acids, all of which are helpful in removing dead cells and alleviating pain in the body, making it an excellent choice.

  • Jojoba Oil

    Jojoba Oil

    Jojoba Oil is made from the seeds of jojoba trees and has a nutty, woody scent. These oil moisturizing characteristics are similar to the sebum we produce naturally. It aids in the removal of excess oil from the body and provides nutrition to the skin through its vitamin and mineral-rich qualities. This oil will give you bright skin if you use it on a daily basis.

    • Apricot Seed Oil

    Apricot Oil

    Apricot Seed Oil, commonly known as the apricot kernel, is used to make the oil. Apricot Oil protects your skin from dangerous contaminants thanks to its high vitamin E and fatty acid content. Its vitamin-rich characteristics aid in the opening of pores for deep cleaning, and its anti-bacterial capabilities aid in the healing of illnesses.

    • Sweet Almond Oil

    Sweet Almond Oil

    Almond Oil is made from the kernels of almonds and has a nutty scent. Since this oil is so light, it quickly absorbs into your skin. Its vitamin E, C, and fatty acids help to keep your skin moisturized. The application of this oil on a regular basis tightens the skin and decreases the indications of aging. 

    • Virgin Olive Oil

    Virgin Olive Oil

    Virgin Olive Oil, which is made from the olive fruit, is well-known for its health advantages. It's high in fatty acids and polyphenolic compounds, so it's excellent for washing and hydrating dry skin. Its antibacterial qualities have earned it a reputation for treating skin ailments. Massages with these oils aid in the improvement of blood circulation and the treatment of nerve problems.

    • Argan Oil

    Argan Oil

    Argan Oil is extracted from the kernels of argan trees, that are indigenous to Morocco. It has a peppery flavor aroma and is high in unsaturated fats and vitamins A and E. Dry skin and scalp, creases, and skin irritation can all be treated with argan oil. As a result, it's an excellent carrier oil for grooming and massage oils.

    • Rosehip Seed Oil

    Rosehip Seed Oil

    Rosehips are the seedlings of the Rosa rubiginosa or Rosa moschata bush, and is derived from their seeds. The fun fact is that Rosehip Seed Oil doesn’t smell like roses at all. It smells nutty and earthy. This oil is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. These supplements can help counteract the effects of oxidative stress on your skin. Vitamin A is natural retinol that combats aging.

    • Ashwagandha Oil

    Ashwagandha Oil

    Ashwagandha Oil is made from the root of Ashwagandha plants. It is rich in oxidized fatty acids and is really effective in curing sleeplessness. Along with anti-inflammatory properties, Ashwagandha Oil is rich in anti-bacterial and anti-microbial qualities that aid in the removal of fungal infections. The usage of oil also helps reduce stress and anxiety.

    • Grape Seed Oil

    Grapeseed Oil

    Grapeseed Oil is derived from grape seeds, as the name implies. It's high in vitamin E, a nutrient that's supposed to help heal the skin and decrease wrinkles, and it's used in spas all over the world for its faint whiff. Grapeseed oil is light, easily absorbed by the skin, and has a pleasant aroma. It's an amazing carrier oil that is used for making body oils and massage oils using essential oils.

    • Avocado Oil

    Avocado Oil

    Avocado Oil is made from fresh avocados and has a nutty aroma. It is recognized for its thick characteristics, making it ideal for massages. It is high in antioxidants, which assist to maintain healthy pores by removing impurities and excess oil. This oil is best used for body massages to reduce pain, increase blood circulation, and warm the body.

    Other Benefits of Best Carrier Oils

    Skincare Benefits: Carrier oil, unlike most other synthetic chemicals, is also beneficial in skincare. Its abundance of vitamin E, C, and A, as well as various fatty acids, aid in the removal of dirt and oil, resulting in a reduction in pimples and acne, the treatment of dark spots by reducing hyperpigmentation, and the anti-microbial properties aid in the treatment of skin pores, resulting in anti-aging for your skin.

    Haircare Benefits: Carrier oil is known for its ability to remove filth and provide nutrients, in addition to being a solvent for essential oils. It helps to clear the clogged scalp and reduce infections, which leads to healthy hair growth, by reducing hair follicles.

    Aromatic Benefits: Carrier oil comes in a variety of scents and is commonly used to enhance the effects of essential and fragrance oils. It also has aromatic properties that make it effective in aromatherapy. The nervous system is calmed with the use of these oils. Stress and anxiety can be relieved by using this oil in a humidifier on a daily basis.


    Many people believe that carrier oils have no health advantages and are simply used to dilute essential oils, but this is not true. Best Carrier oils have their own health and lifestyle benefits and are also utilized to enhance the qualities of many fragrances and essential oils.

    These oils are employed in the beauty industry because of their antioxidant characteristics, and organic carrier oils are perfectly safe to use. VedaOils, being a major carrier oil manufacturer, offers the best carrier oils at wholesale pricing.

    Carrier oils are useful in body massages, and their pleasant aroma is the cherry on top. If you have physical discomfort or simply want to start living a healthy lifestyle, carrier oil is the way to go, and if you haven't tried it yet, remember that there is a first time for everything.


    Q: Does it matter what carrier oil you use?

    A: Yes, different carrier oils have varying qualities, but you don't have to worry about which one to choose as we've compiled a list of the top ten carrier oils for massage.

    Q: How long are carrier oils good for?

    A: A carrier oil has a shelf life of 2-3 years on its own, however, the shelf life of a mixed blend of carrier oils varies from blend to blend. 

    Q: What are the safety precautions for including essential oils in a massage?

    A: Organic carrier oils are typically safe to use, but since they are non-edible, they should be kept out of the reach of children. Remember to take a break after 30 minutes if you're using carrier oil in aromatherapy.

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