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Essential Oils for Bruises & How to use them to Treat Bruises

Nowadays, it has become a common need to find out a natural solution to every problem. This is why you will find that essential oils are one great home remedy to treat every kind of skin problem. As a result, essential oils are being used to treat bruises and other skin problems. Because we know that bruise is one common injury that happens to the skin very often. As we age, our skin becomes weaker and becomes thinner. This makes your skin more prone to bruising. 

As we said, essential oils tend to be one great natural solution to improve the healing process for bruises. The anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antioxidant properties of essential oils stimulate the production of healthy new tissue and increase circulation to the site of the bruise. So, we can say plenty of essential oils can help you with your healing process. Let's discuss further the best essential oils for bruises. 

6 Best Essential Oils for Bruises

Luckily, using essential oils for bruises actually improves the healing process because of the stimulants inside these oils. There are quite a few effective essential oils for bruises that treat bruises. Let's discuss them in detail. 

  • Lemongrass Essential Oil for Bruises


We all know that bruises are a result of forceful compact or painful events. Lemongrass oil helps in eliminating pain because of its great analgesic properties. It lowers the swelling in the area of the bruise. This further helps in faster healing of the bruise. Lemongrass essential oil also lowers the pain by providing numbness to the area of impact. 

  • Rosemary Essential Oil for Bruises

Rosemary essential oil is a popular oil that contains numerous antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements. These compounds help in regulating the immune response to the bruise by lowering the inflammation. It also decreases oxidative stress that opens the way for faster recovery. 

  • Lavender Essential Oil for Bruises

Lavender is another excellent essential oil that is known for its wonderful ability to prevent and heal bruises. Lavender essential oil has certain astringent and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent blood from welling up in the impact area. It is, in fact, a highly effective oil that can be used right after the injury

  • Cypress Essential Oil for Bruises

Just like other oils, cypress oil is also an effective essential oil that blocks the pooling and collection of blood. This happens because cypress oil stimulates circulation and rapidly starts the healing process. Cypress essential oil can mitigate the appearance of even the worst bruise. 

  • Frankincense Essential Oil for Bruises

Frankincense essential oil contains antioxidants and stimulant compounds that reduce the ugly appearance of bruises. The best part about this essential oil is that it can be applied immediately after an injury or during the recovery process of a bruise. So, when your bruise is badly discolored, you know which oil you need to use.  

  • Rosehip Seed Oil for Bruises

You might be pretty much aware of the amazing therapeutic values of rosehip seed oil. This natural essential oil offers amazing results when it comes to bruises. It reduces pain and swelling caused by a bruise with just a few drops of usage. Moreover, it can heal wounds, acne, and other mild skin issues too.

How to Use Essential Oils to Treat Bruises

One of the most incredible things about using essential oils for bruises is the usage potential it comes with. You can easily use them how you wish. Essential oils can be best used in the form of blends for bruises. In addition to that, you can also a few of them, not all directly on the skin. Another great way to essential oil for bruises is by blending them with carrier oils and then adding them to a diffuser. 

However, as we are talking of bruises problems, in this context, we would recommend individuals to dilute a few drops of essential oil into a carrier oil. The carrier oil could be anyone from coconut to jojoba oil, whichever suits you the best. Now, try testing it out on the affected area first. 

You can also add 10 drops of the essential oil blend on a cotton pad and tap it around the bruised area for almost half an hour a day. This specific remedy soothes various skin ailments, not just bruises. All you need to make sure is the essential oil you are using is diluted in the form of a blend. You can also apply a few essential oils like frankincense oil. 

Essential oils for bruises are great options, but only if used correctly. Because some work perfectly for pain, while others may help reduce the bruise appearance. So, keep in mind these ways while using essential oils for bruises to reap its maximum benefits for your skin. 

Things to Take Care of Before Using Essential Oils for Bruises

While we know there is a widespread prevalence of essential oils in both beauty and wellness, we also know that there are countless conflicting opinions about essential oils usage too. Therefore it's important to know a few things before using them to your best advantage. 

Each essential oil has its own chemical makeup and its reason for use. So, you need to speak with a trained professional before applying a specific essential oil onto your skin, especially for healing purposes. 

Individuals should also keep in mind that it is very important to use essential oils, especially in diluted form or blended form, for maximum safety. This is because some essential oils can irritate the skin, especially in areas that are already sensitive. Its also important to remember that never apply undiluted essential oils in areas with infections, cuts, or other skin damage. 

Essential oils cause different reactions in the body, and not all types of oils benefit everyone. Individuals with allergies, fever, asthma, or skin conditions like psoriasis must be extremely cautious while using essential oils. 

There are quite a few oils that are known to be effective essential oils for bruises specifically. These include lemongrass, cypress, lavender, and geranium. Grapefruit oil and jojoba oil. So, instead of mixing up things, choose these essential oils to heal your bruises and wounds quickly. 


The pain-relieving and skin-soothing properties of these essential oils for bruises cannot be denied. After all, they are highly concentrated and potent substances that can do wonders for your skin in the most positive ways but only when used in the right format. They are also the right solutions that help with the healing process and reduce symptoms of bruises without any serious side effects. Whether you are using it in the form of a blend, aromatherapy, or topical applications, essential oils for bruises are a great answer to your every problem. So, if you have any bruise problem now, you know a very effective natural remedy.


Q1: What are the best essential oils for bruises? 

Ans: Lavender and frankincense essential oil boast many healing properties and are quite prominent essential oils. Their quick application post any wound or bruise reduces the bruise appearance and pain too. 

Q2: Does peppermint oil help with bruises?

Ans: According to various research studies and skin helping properties of peppermint essential oil, it is a great natural remedy to treat bruises and can be applied directly to an injured area. 

Q3: Which essential oil help bruises topically? 

Ans: One essential oil that helps bruises heal faster topically is arnica essential oil. You have to use it twice per day to break bruised skin in a diluted form to let the healing process begin quickly. 

Q4: How can you make bruises clear up faster? 

Ans: One of the best ways to make bruises clear up faster naturally is by incorporating essential oil remedy into your skincare regimen. With its consistent and right usage, you can see visible results in a few days.

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