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Best Essential Oils for Tinnitus & How to Use them

Essential Oils For Tinnitus:- Often we become prone to a lot of airborne and other types of diseases that harm one of our body parts. Tinnitus is one such problem in which there is a constant ringing or buzzing noise in one or both of the ears. They would also be associated with hearing loss.

If you by any chance have a problem in your ears of this sort and taking heavy medications then it is highly recommended to go for natural essential oils that will help in curing this problem easily. There is a variety of essential oils that help in clearing the hearing. There are some effective recipes too that would instantly make you get rid of this problem. Let us know more about the essential oils for tinnitus below in the blog.

essential oil for tinnitus

List of Best Essential Oils for Tinnitus

  • Chamomile Essential Oil for Tinnitus

Chamomile essential oil is a versatile oil that is traditionally used to cure the problem of tinnitus. It is very light and can easily be used to treat hearing. The oil is like an emollient as it moisturizes the skin well. Chamomile essential oil rejuvenates skin and improvises tiredness.

Chamomile essential oil eases skin conditions and improvises ringing or buzzing of ears. The oil also promotes sleep and is anti-inflammatory in nature. The oil works well on digestive issues and relieves back pain. Chamomile essential oil heals wounds and calms irritations in the ears. 

  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil for Tinnitus

Eucalyptus essential oil is a very popular essential oil for topical use in the ears. The oil improvises the buzzing sensations in the ear due to tinnitus. The oil is anti-inflammatory in nature and cures pain. The oil heals all the itchiness and removes bodily pain.

It rejuvenates new skin cells and heals eye problems. Eucalyptus oil disinfects wounds and helps in easy breathing. The oil controls blood sugar levels and soothes cold sores. The oil freshens up breath and uplifts mood. This is an amazing oil that removes infections from the ear fast.

  • Lavender Essential Oil for Tinnitus

Lavender essential oil is a great pain healer and remover. The oil has a sweet smell that helps in calming down ear pain and has effective pain-relieving properties. The oil effectively cures infections in-ear and improves hearing quality.

Lavender essential oil combats tiredness and refreshes the body. Lavender essential oil promotes relaxation of the mind and relieves anxiety, fungal infections, and allergies from the skin. The oil also rectifies eczema and improves nausea. Lavender essential oil calms menstrual pain as well. The aroma of the oil removes bacteria and works well on tinnitus. 

  • Oregano Essential Oil for Tinnitus

Oregano essential oil is one of the most widely used essential oils that cure tinnitus. It is one such oil that deeply gets into the ear and improves hearing quality. The oil works on normalize hearing and removes bacteria from the ears. The oil works on bringing refreshment to the body.

The smell of the oil relaxes the body and cures tiredness. Oregano essential oil works at a very faster rate to heal and relieve muscle pain. The oil moisturizes the skin and makes it supple. The oil helps in tinnitus and treats body pain too.

  • Peppermint Essential Oil Tinnitus

Peppermint is a very popular and effective essential oil for providing relaxation to the ears. The oil combats any infection in the ears and works well on tinnitus. The oil refreshes the mind and removes all the pain at a faster rate. It is an effective analgesic oil that cures puffiness and relieves pain spasms.

The oil is anti-inflammatory and soothes skin. Peppermint essential oil is perfect to get rid of headaches, joint pains, muscle pains, and itching in the body. The oil treats coughs and improves mental functions. Peppermint oil reduces stress and makes ears warmer. 

  •  Frankincense Essential Oil for Tinnitus

Frankincense essential oil medicinally treats the problem of tinnitus. It is one such wonderfully smelled essential oil that calms the mind as well. The oil treats skin infections and specifically the problem of irregular hearing in the ears.

The frankincense essential oil reduces the immune reactions that are associated with lupus and have anti-inflammatory properties to combat rashes and calm pain. The oil also helps to reduce redness and swellings on the skin. The oil helps in good digestion and regulates proper hearing of the ears. Try frankincense essential oils for tinnitus to get better results.

  • Tea Tree Essential Oil for Tinnitus

Tea tree oil is a very popular oil that helps in killing the bacteria causing infections in the ears. The problem of tinnitus can be easily cured when tea tree oil is used dropwise into the ears. The oil combats buzzing and ringing sensations in the ear and regulate the proper functioning of the ears.

The tea tree essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties and is antiseptic in nature to kill fungus. This helps in effectively working on improvising redness and swellings caused by various bacteria in the body. Tea tree oil helps in combating viruses and improves tinnitus. 

How Essential Oils are Used To Treat Ringing Ears 

  • Simply, you can prepare natural essential oils blends or diffuse them in a diffuser. This will help in calming the pain and improvising tinnitus. The aroma of oils will reduce all body pains and clears the hearing quality. 
  • You can create a healing bath as well. All you have to do is spread the oil all around the bathtub and let it touch your skin and body. This will instantly help in improving the ringing and buzzing sound of ears and removes all the pain. 
  • You may also create an essential oils blend and with a help of a dropper simply, put a few drops in each of the ears. This will help to calm the pain and immediately cures improper sensations of ears in the body. 

The ways include all-natural ingredients along with quantities of essential oils too to get rid of tinnitus quickly. 

RECIPE 1: Essential Oils Diffuser


  • 3 drops of tea tree essential oil
  • 4 drops of peppermint oil 
  • Few drops of coconut oil


In a bowl, add 3 drops of tea tree essential oil and 4 drops of peppermint essential oils. Mix the oils together and then add a few drops of carrier oil such as coconut oil. Diffuse the oils blend in the bowl and spread its aroma to calm the mind and the pain in the ears. The diffusing aroma will also normalize hearing quality

Recipe 2:- Healing Bath


  • ½ cup of Epsom salts
  • 10 drops of lavender oil
  • 7 drops of eucalyptus oil 
  • 10 drops of frankincense oil
  • ½ cup of whole milk


Just simply, add Epsom salts to warm water in the bathtub and allow it to dissolve completely. Then mix up all the essential oils along with precise quantities of milk and add the wholesome mixture to the water bath. Then with calmness take a soak until you find relief from tinnitus in the ears.  

Recipe 3 - Essential Oils Blend


  • 4 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 3 drops of chamomile oil
  • Few drops of sweet almond oil


In a bowl, add 4 drops each of lavender and 3 drops of chamomile essential oils. Mix the oils together and then add a few drops of carrier oil such as sweet almonds. Pour the mixture into a glass bottle and with the help of a dropper, put a few drops of the mixture into both the ears. This will provide instant relief to tinnitus in the ears. 


Essential oils for Tinnitus help a lot in curing ringing and buzzing sensations in the ears. The ears become weak and the oils support clear hearing quality. The essential oils instantly soothe the pain and regulate proper hearing. You can use the oils in various ways and get instant solutions to this problem of tinnitus. Vedaoils is a wonderful brand that has an enormous variety of essential oils. The oils are of top quality and do not harm the skin at all. The brand is the best stop to buy essential oils for tinnitus and works very well on all skin types.


Q1- Are essential oils safe for the skin?

Ans- Yes, essential oils are absolutely safe and have no side effects. You may use them for instant pain relief and they cure the problem of tinnitus in the ears fast.

Q2- Which is the best essential oil for tinnitus?

Ans- Lavender, peppermint, and chamomile are the best essential oils to combat tinnitus issues. 

Q3- Can essential oils immediately cure tinnitus?

Ans- Yes. essential oils when used in a healing bath, applied dropwise in the ears, or diffused together can immediately calm pain and buzzing sensations. Using them more often in a day will show the best quick results.

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