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7 Best Essential Oils for Ulcers | Types of Ulcers

If you suffer from stomach ulcers, you're probably already aware of the ache and agony they cause. According to research, the best essential oils for stomach ulcers might offer long-lasting relief. Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), a drug that reduces the amount of stomach acid produced by glands in the stomach lining, and double antibiotics are the mainstays of the conventional treatment for stomach ulcers.

As a result, the treatment frequently has a negative long-term effect. Several medications make gastritis worse. Essential oils, on the other hand, are pure plant extracts. They hardly ever have any negative side effects, particularly when the recommended dosage is used. From various plant sections, essential oils are extracted by steam distillation. 

These oils are especially strong since they are highly concentrated. What makes essential oils superior to allopathic remedies for treating stomach ulcers? See which essential oils for ulcers are most effective against the various forms of ulcers.

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Types of Ulcers?

If ulcers are not treated when they initially manifest their symptoms, they can be exceedingly bothersome. Let's examine several types of essential oils for ulcers, how they affect your body, and what symptoms they cause.

  • Leg Ulcer

A leg or ankle wound brought on by unnatural or damaged veins. Vein dysfunction is the cause of venous ulcers. A propensity for unusual veins may run in the family. Blood clots, trauma, aging, and obesity are common causes of damaged veins. Leg symptoms include edema, ache, and fatigue. Typically, an open wound begins as a red, irritated skin rash.

  • Mouth Ulcer 

One or more uncomfortable sores, such as a canker sore, on the inner lips, gums, tongue, roof of the mouth, or throat that may make it difficult to eat. Several mouth ulcer causes are not connected to underlying illnesses. Examples include consuming acidic foods like sour candy and pineapple, getting burns, biting the tongue or cheeks, or getting canker sores.

  • Stomach Ulcer 

A sore that forms on the oesophageal, stomach, or small intestine lining. When stomach acid affects the lining of the digestive tract, ulcers develop. H. Pylori bacteria and anti-inflammatory painkillers like aspirin are two common culprits.

  • Genital Ulcer

They are typically brought on by STIs, or sexually transmitted infections. Herpes, syphilis, and chancroid are a few of these. Inflammatory illnesses, trauma, or an adverse reaction to skin care products can also result in genital ulcers.

7 Best Essential Oils for Ulcers

If left untreated, ulcers can develop into horrible conditions. While there are various therapies available, we strongly advise trying an organic approach first. Since people have been using essential oils for sores for many years, we thought we'd share our wisdom and list the top 7 essential oils for ulcers.

  • Oregano Essential Oil For Ulcers

H. pylori, which is known to be the cause of up to 90% of duodenal ulcers and 80% of stomach (gastric) ulcers, has been proven to be killed by oregano essential oil, which has been used for decades. Oregano is used to treat stomach, mouth, and leg ulcers when combined with carrier oil.

  • Frankincense Essential Oil For Ulcers

Additionally, Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis symptoms can be lessened thanks to frankincense's anti-inflammatory effects. To relieve pain, frankincense oil works in synergy with the muscles. Frankincense essential oil helps with pain relief and infection removal when combined with a carrier oil.

  • Peppermint Essential Oil For Sores

The majority of the benefits of peppermint's antibacterial characteristics include pain alleviation and the removal of infections around the mouth. The muscles surrounding your kidney are calmed by its anti-inflammatory effects when massaged with a carrier oil. With the menthol included in peppermint essential oil, your body will relax.

  • Clove Bud Essential Oil For Mouth Sores

The herpes simplex virus may be susceptible to the antibacterial and antiviral properties of clove bud essential oil. It could help lessen the discomfort brought on by a cold sore. If clove is applied directly to the skin, it irritates it. A gentler oil, like coconut oil, should be used to dilute it.

  • Lemongrass Essential Oil For Stomach Ulcers

The study discovered that lemongrass essential oil offered a defense against stomach damage and might be used as a treatment for various kinds of ulcers. Eugenol, a component of lemongrass essential oil, may also aid in the treatment of diarrhea and stomach problems.

  • Tea Tree Essential Oil For Ulcers

Tea tree essential oil is well known for its remarkable anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties. In addition to treating ulcers, this oil can also be used to treat mouth abscesses, conjunctivitis, acne, boils, impetigo, psoriasis, dandruff, vaginitis, thrush, septic wounds, cuts, and abrasions, as well as carbuncles, pus-filled infections

  • Myrrh Essential Oil For Mouth Sores

To treat discomfort and swelling, inflamed gums (gingivitis), loose teeth, canker sores, foul breath, and chapped lips, myrrh essential oil is applied to the mouth with a carrier oil. Additionally, it is applied topically for boils, wounds, abrasions, bedsores, and hemorrhoids.


Organic essential oils are effective in treating sores in the mouth, stomach, and ulcers. When combined with carrier oils, these natural remedies have no negative side effects. These oils' anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral qualities are unsurpassed by those of synthetic products. Since 2018, Vedaoils has been providing its customers with premium essential oils for ulcers all around the world. Visit us at vedaoils, put your favorite essential oils for sore throat in your shopping cart, and take advantage of amazing savings.


Q: Can ginger worsen stomach ulcers?

A: Ginger is said to have gastroprotective properties, making it one of the best herbs for ulcers. Alternatives to ginger include ginger essential oils since they are stronger and more useful.

Q: Is lemon good for ulcers?

A: In addition, the two doses of lemon juice significantly reduced the incidence of stomach ulcers brought on by ethanol, stress, and indomethacin. In duodenal ulcers caused by cysteamine, lemon juice also decreased the size of the ulcer. Buy high-quality lemongrass essential oil instead if you're looking for a solution.

Q: Is drinking hot water good for ulcers?

A: Hot water not only damages the stomach lining in the body but can also result in mouth ulcers and small burns in the mouth. Avoid drinking a lot of hot water at night because it will dehydrate you and make you urinate a lot, which will keep you awake.

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