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Kokum Butter Benefits for Hair: Kokum Butter for Hair

There are always discoveries in the world of beauty. Many plants are there that can be beneficial for us, and we may not be aware of them. Kokum butter is also one of the gems of nature having many benefits for hair and beauty. Kokum oil has excellent properties for treating hair and scalp. It helps in building up hair roots, eventually growing hair and improving their health. If someone is facing hair loss due to chemical treatments like straightening and curling. Then applying kokum butter is the perfect choice.

Kokum butter also repairs follicles of your hair and encourages hair growth. It hydrates and provides oxygen to your scalp which provides nutrients to your scalp promotes hair growth naturally and resists hair loss. Due to its moisturizing phenomenon, it is used as a preventive measure against hair damage and breaking without making them oily. In this article you will get to know about the Kokum Butter Benefits for Hair.

Kokum Butter for Hair

What is Kokum Butter? 

 After knowing the excellent properties of kokum butter for hair growth, you want to know where to get it. But it is not a new ingredient, we have been using it since ancient times in the east region of the world as an element of medicine. This healing invention originated in the western ghats of India from a tree named garcinia India comes from the Garcinia Indica, a tree native to the Western Ghats area of India. People used to pick the fruit of kokum from the trees and then collect their seeds by opening the fruit.

It is similar to other natural butter but has an extraordinarily stronger consistency. Kokum butter is light in color and crumbly and a little flaky. but never get confused by it because it has an exceptional quality of moisturizing and makes your hair extremely silky. Unlike other butter, kokum butter for hair has a very high melting point. It makes your hair feel oily. Kokum butter is mainly made with stearic acid and eventually light gray or pale yellow 

Kokum butter is very flexible and used in hair, soaps, body lotions, scrubs, bath bombs, lip balms, and more. Its chemical formula makes it available as solid butter at room temperature and proves its consistent is very frequently used as a neutral scent.

Kokum Butter Benefits for Hair 

Kokum Butter for hair has so many benefits. Here we have mentioned some of the common ones. 

  • Improves hair growth: Kokum butter works as a powerful emollient, moisturizing agent and essential fatty leads to hair growth Kokum Butter is picture-perfect and enhances healthy hair growth. It also increases cell oxygenation, enriches hair with nutrients that assist skin or scalp tissues, and eventually enhances hair growth. Kokum butter is easily absorbed and is remarkably light, absorbed quickly and easily, and not greasy. 
  • Kokum butter prevents dandruff: It has antibacterial properties due to which it resists in forming dandruff on the scalp. If you are talking about kokum butter benefits for hair then preventing from dandruff is one of the main thing, because lots of people have this issue. Kokum butter for hair is enriched with powerful natural substances, which have antifungal features and nourishing abilities. These provide exceptional strength to the hair shafts, follicles, and strands to prevent split ends, and breakage and also resist dandruff, scalp infections, and itching.
  • Acts as a conditioner for hair: Kokum Butter for hair does not clog pores and has non-comedogenic properties. Apply it on your scalp and enrich them with essential oils and prevent them from clogging hair follicles which increase hair smoothening. The organic emulsifying properties of kokum butter for hair and its vitamin e enrichment make hair soft and silky.
  • Prevents hair discoloration: Kokum butter works as a miracle in reducing harmful radicals and toxins from the hair scalp. It also promotes the revival of skin cells, moisture to the tissues, and supplies elasticity. Kokum butter protects from the harmful UV rays coming from the sun and harmful pollutants which prevent discoloration.
  • Prevents inflammation: Kokum butter is the most solid butter ever known. It has reformative properties which makes it an excellent ingredient for preventing inflammation and protecting hair. Kokum butter for hair growth helps enhance hair elasticity and cast-off breakage. The linoleic acid promotes scalp stimulation and resists inflammation. It has palmitic acid and oleic acid which moisturizes the scalp and regenerates hair as well as protects hair from damage due to the presence of stearic. The presence of these acids makes kokum butter for hair a great individual to treat hair inflammation and irritations. You can apply Kokum Butter and rub it to make hair softer and more manageable.

How to use Kokum Butter for Hair 

You can use kokum butter for hair in numerous ways. We have mentioned here how you can use kokum butter for hair. 

  • In conditioners: There are so many conditioners in the market which have elements of kokum butter, but you can even apply it directly as a conditioner. After applying kokum butter on the scalp, massage gently for 15-20 minutes then wash hair properly. Use warm water for better results. 
  • Kokum Butter in shampoo: Kokum butter is anti-comedogenic and prevents clogging of pores. So just apply it barely on the scalp and enrich the hair with essential oils that unclog hair follicles. To make an extraordinary shampoo of kokum butter for hair growth take 1⁄2 cup of water mixed with ½ cup of liquid soap based on vegetables and 1 teaspoon of kokum butter and add essential oil a little bit. Put it in a bottle and keep it for one week then use it on hair and scalp for better results.
  • Reduces hair itching: Melt kokum butter is used to reduce itching in hair. Massage it on hair roots, strands, and scalp. After the gentle massage, wait for 15 mins and wash off with warm water. Kokum butter has properly remained solid at normal room temperature so, never leave kokum butter on hair for more than 20 minutes. For making a proper pre-shampoo conditioner firstly melt 5 teaspoons of kokum butter then add 02 teaspoons of jojoba oil in it, mix one spoon of honey and leave it for 5 minutes then apply it on the scalp. Wait for 15 min then wash your hair with lukewarm water. Kokum butter benefits for hair will take place when you follow these procedures. 


As we are now aware of plenty of beneficial uses of Kokum Butter for the hair. For the best results use VEDA OILS kokum butter for hair growth. It is most effective when mixed with shampoos and conditioners. As it is rich in fatty acids and has great moisturizing possessions it provides excellent conditioning to the hair. Choose Kokum Butter for hair that doesn’t have preservatives or artificial fragrances so that it becomes perfectly safe for hair. Kokum Butter has great results in winters and gives several benefits to your hair and skin.


Q. Does kokum butter for hair growth have any expiry?

A. Kokum butter is stable vegetable butter with a shelf life of around 1-2 not use kokum butter or products related to them after 2 years from the date of its manufacturing.

Q. Does Kokum Butter melt at room temperature?

A. Kokum butter starts melting when it reaches 90° F or more. Eventually, it feels less greasy and lightweight and starts melting slightly on getting touched with hair. We also use it in balms, soap and lotions due to this property.

Q. Can we use kokum butter for hair growth?

A. With the presence of antioxidant properties, kokum butter promotes hair growth.

Q. Is kokum butter used for the skin?

A. Kokum butter is highly moisturizing, so it helps in healing dry and cracked skin.

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