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How Important is Vitamin E for Hair Growth | Uses of Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E Oil for Hair: Hair loss is indeed a most annoying thing. Whether it's due to our lifestyles, pollution, or excessive stress, hair loss is one of the most common beauty issues that most women face today. There are literally thousands of miracle products on the market that guarantee faster hair growth and less hair fall, but how many of them can you honestly say have ended up working for you? That's likely because most of these products are missing an important ingredient that promotes hair growth and can help you achieve the voluminous movie star hair you've always desired. We're discussing vitamin E, which is the most effective and necessary ingredient for hair growth.

Vitamin E is essential for good health because it neutralises free radicals from the body, which would otherwise damage our cellular structure and brain tissue. Vitamin E is important for our immunity functions, asthma treatment, eye health, and cardiac health. It also has a lot of advantages for our skin and hair. Read on to know more information about vitamin e oil for hair.

vitamin e oil

5 Best Vitamin E Oil Benefits for Hair 

Vitamin E has recently emerged as a holistic solution to all hair woes, particularly hair loss. Continue reading to learn about the many benefits of vitamin E and how vitamin E can help you achieve healthy, lustrous hair. Here are 5 benefits of vitamin e oil for hair.

  • Promote Hair Growth

It can be difficult to find a non-prescription product that promotes hair growth, but vitamin E oil contains properties that may be beneficial. Vitamin E oil, as an antioxidant, aids in the reduction of oxidative stress in the scalp. 

This is important because oxidative stress makes it difficult for your body to rebuild any damage, which can lead to hair follicle cells breaking down and hair loss. Vitamin E oil nourishes your scalp and hair, restoring normal function and allowing your hair to grow normally. It also improves blood circulation to the scalp, which helps with hair growth in general.

  • Rejuvenates Scalp

Vitamin E oil conditions the scalp by increasing moisture levels in the skin and aiding those with dry, flaky scalps. The powerful antioxidants may aid in the creation of a healthy scalp environment, just as they do for other areas of the body.

Vitamin E oil can also be used to treat dry, flaky scalps. When applied topically, the oil moisturises the skin and conditions, hydrates, and rejuvenates the scalp.

  • Controls Oil Production

A pH imbalance on your scalp can result in one of two extreme conditions: insufficient oil production or excessive oil production, both of which can lead to hair loss.

By locking in natural moisture and soothing sebaceous glands, vitamin E oil for hair helps to normalise oil production and pH levels on the scalp. It revitalises your scalp, creating the ideal environment for strong and healthy hair growth.

  • Enhances the lustre of your hair

The outer protective fat layer of hair cuticles is damaged by heat styling, chemicals, and UV radiation from the sun. Your hair will become frizzy and lustrous, with split ends. Vitamin E helps to restore your hair's natural shine by protecting and preserving the outer layers of your hair from various external threats.

Vitamin E oil, when massaged into your hair on a regular basis, nourishes and replenishes moisture in dull and limp hair. This will give your hair a new lease on life and lustre.

  • Aids in the removal of dandruff

Dandruff is an annoyance as well as an embarrassment. However, vitamin E can help treat and cure dandruff in this case as well. Dandruff is a condition caused by a dry scalp. The sebaceous glands are prompted to work harder to increase oil production when the scalp is dry.

This oil then clogs the hair follicles, resulting in dandruff and an itchy scalp. Vitamin E capsules or vitamin E oil applied topically to the scalp help to regulate moisture and oil production on the scalp, preventing dandruff.

How to Use Vitamin E Oil for Hair Growth

Start slowly and only use vitamin E oil for hair a few times a week, according to dermatologists. This enables you to examine your scalp for signs of an allergic reaction, such as rashes and irritation. Because vitamin E is a relatively heavy compound, it may not be the best option for you if you have a sensitive scalp.

Step 1: Apply the oil on your scalp 

Start with a quarter-sized amount of vitamin E oil that has already been diluted. If the product contains carrier oils like coconut or lavender oil, you'll know it's diluted. Then gently massage it into your hair and scalp with your fingertips and palm of your hand.

You can also use a few drops of vitamin E oil in a shampoo or conditioner that doesn't already have vitamin E in it. This method aids in ensuring that the product is distributed evenly.

Step 2: Leave the oil in your hair for at least an hour or overnight

If you applied a vitamin E oil product directly to your skin, wait an hour before rinsing it out to fully benefit from its powerful properties (not through shampoo). Dermatologists, on the other hand, say it's safe to leave the oil in the hair overnight as long as it's rinsed out the next morning.

Step 3: Rinse your hair well 

Rinse your hair thoroughly and with lukewarm water to ensure that any dirt and residue build-up on the scalp and hair is removed. Once the product has been thoroughly rinsed out, you can dry and style your hair as usual.


Because vitamin E has become the best-kept secret for healthy hair, the beauty industry has rushed to create products that are vitamin E-rich to nourish and strengthen your hair. Vitamin E for hair from vedaoils has proven to be an all-in-one hair remedy. Choose shampoos that contain vitamin e to help your hair grow faster. Avoid those with sulphates and parabens in the ingredients list. Similarly, hair serums, masks, and oils containing vitamin e oil for hair are widely available on the market. Include these in your hair care routine.


Q1. Is vitamin E oil beneficial to hair?

A: Vitamin E oil is a hair hydrator and scalp antioxidant that improves scalp health, stimulates hair growth, and strengthens and shines hair.

Q2. Which foods high in vitamin E are good for hair?

A: Vitamin E oil for hair can be obtained by eating vitamin E-rich foods such as leafy greens, olive oil, nuts, and seeds.

Q3. Is it necessary to apply vitamin E oil to my hair on a regular basis?

A: To avoid irritation, apply a few drops to the scalp or hair with a carrier oil every other day after showering. There is such a thing as too much vitamin E, so talk to your doctor before taking vitamin E oil supplements orally.

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